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Can I borrow that box? I need to do an Instructable?

Yes, #2 son has done an Instructable. He's only six, so be nice. (ahem) It's his first Instructable...

Step 1: What you need.

Picture of What you need.
You need a big box, a big pen, a big pair of scissors, and the last of Daddy's duct tape.
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lionwatch3 years ago
Really cool! Great job!
For kids whose dreams are already dashed!
jvan dijk13 years ago
Nice one!

So did anyone suggest a tow-bridge yet? (is that what you call it in english?)
of course you cannot make a gate AND a bridge out of one side of the box. So it would be a replacement of the nice rounded gates you got there.
With some rope I used to make a door that goes down, becomes a bridge, and then you can pull it up again when you're inside.
Kiteman (author)  jvan dijk13 years ago
It's a draw bridge in English ("draw" can also mean "pull").

I'm afraid that the castle is long-gone, and #2 son is not so keen on cardboard box castles as he was four years ago.
You just brought back memories. When I was younger, I made a really cool foxhole out of a TV box. It had two little window flaps cut so that they opened from the inside by pulling a string. It was big enough for two people. We used it a lot in finger gun wars. Unfortunatly, it got recycled, or "destroyed by enemy bombs".
Yeah, when I was little we actually dug out our foxholes, and sometimes put trash can lids or cardboard on top to turn them into pillboxes, then use old plumbing parts (line-in only =P) to use as machine gun, rifles, rpgs, and even "future-tech" weapons. We would also use anything we could toss as grenades. Ah, good times...
Lol, "finger gun wars" (I don't even want to know.
kingbirdy6 years ago
great 'ible, #2! keep up the good work! just remember, if you make something that turns out to be highly explosive and deadly, post an ible so we can make one to! (just kidding(maybe))
awwwww... how sweet. nice job, #2 son!!
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
He says "thank you".
footer0 Kiteman7 years ago
hmm takes right after you with that hat and the glass ya know AHEM[ KITEMANS VIKING HAT AND ODD GOGGLES ] EEHEHMEEHEHHM nice job i made one for my brother T_T congrats the kid for meh
Wat? (to Footer) Good job, #2 kid. I'm a #2 kid too (no pun intended).
Let me clarify that comment, "Hmm takes right after you with that hat and the glasses, you know AHEM (His fathers viking hat and goggles) COUGH COUGH. Excellent job, congratulate him for me. I made one for my brother."
Brother_D6 years ago
Good for him jumping on the instructables bandwagon so early!
Gizmo_gal7 years ago
#2 son, your castle rocks! I'm gonna keep my eye out for a big cardboard box. My brothers (2 and 4) are gonna LOVE this. I swear it. You're such a cute little kid. Keep up the great work, tell Daddy to notify me if you make any other projects' umkay?
Holy crap this is so wierd.
Kiteman (author)  A good name7 years ago
What is weird?

And why is my inbox full of your comments today?
Berkin Kiteman6 years ago
Nothing is weird. You just don't see instructables from people this young very often. Change is good. ANd This is a good instructable.
Top Dog7 years ago
So much for the 13 yr. old rule, LOL. Just kidding.
Berkin Top Dog6 years ago
I sure hope you're kidding... Great job, #2 Kiteson!!!!!!!!!!
Wafflicious6 years ago
kiteson #2- you probably make kitedaddy very proud.
Kiteman (author)  Wafflicious6 years ago
They both do.
#2 get daddy to buy you a pellet gun and have war with #1 and his awesome French knitting thing!
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
Kiteman (author)  X_D_3_M_17 years ago
Er, if he added a lid, wouldn't it just be a cardboard box again...? LOL
No, it would be a tank, you know, something Leonardo da Vinci like... you know except the wheels both move in the same direction... was I digging for the bottom of the barrel there?
but itd have a door. so he can stil take over poland!
karramarro8 years ago
It reminded me my cat's apartment :)

whats the FU about??
Kiteman (author)  altaria19937 years ago
Maybe it's the name of the cat?
Yes kite, that's what it is /sarcasm :D
Right. The complete name is fungus. He appeared on a street and he was sick .
ooh, it also could be something a little more harrasing than fungus :P
Kiteman (author)  karramarro8 years ago
DJ Radio7 years ago
Did you see that episode of the simpsons where they did that?
You're welcome. :-)
Vendigroth7 years ago
Well done Kiteson #2! If i may make a suggestion: Different-coloured castles can be used in a castle war. The more colours, the more players!
This child is my hero. And no matter how old i am taking heavy books and putting them on the corner of blankets and stretching them is still an amazing fort.
altaria19937 years ago
if i were 7 years younger..... great instructable #2 son ! maybe you should ask your daddy to make some sort of cardboard cannon, or use your dad's Cracker Chucker® ;) alty
Kiteman (author)  altaria19937 years ago
Hey, he got to have a medieval catapult battle with his brother in their bedrooms - what more do you want?

Actually, a cardboard cannon is quite a good idea...
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