Step 7: Making the skirt

Picture of Making the skirt
The skirt of the hovercraft if a key feature for having a well balanced and high-class hovercraft. It is also the hardest to make, but we’ll get through it together.Find a plane surface to work on and get the duct tape. You will also need some vacuum cleaner tubing.
Lay down several 30-35’’ strips of duct tape overlaying them 1/16 of an inch. Tape them down to the table at the edges so they won’t move. Now put facing down tape over them to cover the whole sticky surface. Fold over the sticky sides so you get a nice piece of fabric. This is the material for the skirt.Take the vacuum cleaner tube and put it over the ring-like frame. You will use the tubing as a guide to get the shape you want for the skirt. Use the fabric that you made to make the skirt. Use additional tape to hold it down. Be careful not to stick the tape to the tube. Now take the tape roll and go round and round over the fabric and the tube. Leave an open space so you can pull out the vacuum tubing.
After you pull out the vacuum tubing close the gap with tape.

It wasn’t that bad, was it?