When I looked out for solutions on how to carry along my modular synthesizer I noticed three options:
1. spend a lot of money for one of the (seldom) commercial solutions
2. put the stuff into a massive 19" rack which wouldn't fit onto my desk
3. build something for my own

I decided for the last option, got a used paramedic suitcase from ebay plus some accessories from the building center and spent a noon with taking apart my existing rack and assembling this piece of modular freedom.

Step 1: Getting the Parts

I already owned a small modular setup so i took apart my racks to get the 19" SB-rails, the power supply and busboards.
I planned a system of three 19" rows (3x3U) so the parts-list turned out as the following:

1x Transformer 220V to 15V
1x Power Supply for stabilized +12V and -12V voltages
6x 19" aluminium rails
6x 19" threaded strips

Wood stripe for the frame ( 80cm+ for a 3x3U, 6cm in depth)
4x square brackets to mount the frame in the suitcase
Bolts & nuts

So, let's hunt for the right suitcase
This is so cool!
Hi, I got my SB rails from Schneidersladen.com (http://www.schneidersladen.de/de/catalogsearch/result/?q=rail) - you will need additional screw thread stripes for fixing the modules. Have fun!
Hi, I'm adapting your splendid walkthrough here to make a simple wooden box type thing into which will slot my modules and then just sit on the desk with everything else. Quick question, where did you get the rails from.....? I've got a pair of TipTop rails from my Happy Ending kit.... Do I just need some more of these rails? Or is there somewhere that sells such things which aren't branded? Thanks in advance. Paul
cool, whats the ipad and silver device do?
The "silver device" is a livid block, a monome-like osc controller. I use it to control a max/msp patch for live looping and tweeking the synth sounds. iPad is for controlling Ableton.
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What is that grid type thing? I have seen them but never have gotten their name.
You mean the controller sitting in the front? It's a Livid Block Station - works like a monome plus offers the ability to connect any kind of sensory input and customize via max/msp.<br>Cheers

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