This paper airplane is really easy and simple to make. Its wide wing span helps it perform very well and fly very far. Enjoy!

Step 1: Watch Video

Refer to page 1 to watch the video on how to make it.
I couldn't see the paper too well...
Nice. It's a pleasant change for a &quot;how to&quot; video to be calm, relaxed and <em>quiet</em> - no pointless &quot;music&quot; hammering away at you.<br/>
the vid did have music, either your browser doesn't support it or what, it did have music.
I think he means you don't have screamo blasting in the background.
Cool thats good i gotta try at
did you know that thisone held a world record...
nice thanx
<strong>This video has been removed from Metacafe</strong> it says.<br/>
May I suggest, for the future, maybe using paper that's white on one side, and a color on the other? Just to make the folds a little more noticable.

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