I'm a long term homebrewer but I have always done single step infusion mashes. I've always wanted a RIMS or HERMS system but I don't like the space a full system takes up and I've always backed off because of the cost. But what about a self contained portable RIMS tube system? Something I could use with my existing 10 gallon GOTT cooler mash tun? Well, that's how my portable RIMS tube was born. It's light, only 17 pounds and can easily be stored the 20 something days of the month when I'm not brewing beer. So, it keeps the wife happy too because I'm not taking up so much space in the garage.

This is a step by step guide for building your own portable RIMS tube.

Here is an updated instructable, showing you how to attach a more permanent RIMS tube to your brew stand.

Since posting this instructable we have been answering email requests for a RIMS tube kit and we finally put a kit together minus the pump and base. You can find our RIMS tube kit here!

Step 1: Parts List

1 – MARCH Pump model 815-PL, P/N 0809-0196-0600
1 - Pre-assembled 30A, 240V power cord with twist lock plug (available Here as part of a kit)
1 - 15" Stain Round Panel (round piece of wood)
1 - 8" X 1-1/4" SCH40 Stainless Steel Pipe Nipple (center section)
2 - SCH40 Stainless Steel 1-1/4" Tee
2 - SCH40 Stainless Steel 1-1/4" X 1/2" Bushing (inlet & outlet)
1 - SCH40 Stainless Steel 1-1/4" X 1" Bushing (heater element)
1 - SCH40 Stainless Steel 1-1/4" X 1/4" Bushing (temperature probe)
1 – Water tight electrical box with three 3/4" holes (available with hole already drilled for element Here as part of a kit)
1 – Water tight electrical box cover (available Here as part of a kit)
1 - Liquid tight PT100 RTD temperature sensor (available Here for $29.95)
1 - 5500 watt 240V screw in style stainless steel water heater element (available Here as part of a kit)
1 - 1/2" stainless steel nipple
2 - 1/2" stainless steel barb fitting
2 - 1/2" nickle plated brass nut for barb fitting
2 - 1/2" silicone O-ring for barb fitting
1 - 1/2" CPVC Tee
1 - 1/2" CPVC 90 Elbow
1 - 1/2" CPVC ball valve
1 - 1/2" CPVC Pipe X 1/2" MPT
1 - 1/2" CPVC Pipe X 1/2" FPT
1 - Short piece of 1/2" CPVC pipe
4 - Stove bolts, nots, washers, lock washers for MARCH Pump
2 - Brackets for to mount RIMS Tube
6 - Wood screws to mount RIMS Tube
6 - 1/16" Rivets or screws & nuts
1 - Teflon Tape
1 - CPVC Glue

Required Tools:
Hand Drill or Drille Press (easier to work with)
Assorted drill bits
Large slip joint pliers
#2 plillips screwdriver
1" adjustable wrench
Assorted wrenches
Water heater element socket

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