Step 5: Build an acoustic box (hello, MDF)

Picture of Build an acoustic box (hello, MDF)

In creating these air vents you'll now have a hole in your soundproofing that will need an acoustic box built over it, one of which will house the fan. Make an 'S' shape duct within an MDF (or equivalent) box, line with acoustic foam and place over the vent holes along with some mesh to keep out unwanted crawly things.

One final consideration is to avoid putting the inlet vent where the sun shines, so to speak, as it will pull in unwanted hot air during the summer.

Be careful using MDF for anything that is going to be in an enclosed space, particularly in the construction of systems delivering breathable air. MDF is constructed using several volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) the most disconcerting being urea-formaldehyde, which is extremely toxic. There are brands of MDF constructed in a "green" manner, without using some of the VOC's normally used. I'm no tree-hugger, but I did build stairs for a living and had to work with MDF all the time. I developed somewhat of an allergy to the stuff and had to find a supplier that could source me MDF without urea. It's one thing to build some speakers with the stuff, but it's quite another to construct air delivery systems with the only inlet being built out of MDF. Just be careful and look out for brands that have a high content of urea-formaldehyde.

"NB: You may want to line the inside of the Rockwool on the intake box to stop particles being dragged in by the fan"

Although to be honest, that sounds like it'd be killing the fun ;)
paliaspip5 years ago
haha i get it world peace, like peace and quiet, ahem, i like the joke. Yea if you could let us know what the NB part is that would be great. Thanks by the way.
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I don't want to sound like a negative Nancy, but the diagram in step 5 is pretty hard to read, and enlarging only seems to make it worse. Especially the 'NB!' part, which looks kind of important.

Otherwise, great 'ible! Though I can't use this myself, I know several people who could. You've just contributed to world peace! :)