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One of my favorite films is the 1991 movie titled "The Rocketeer."  Seeing the hero arc across the sky wearing a rocket pack just makes me wish for the day that such things really exist.  Until then, perhaps the next best thing is to create my own life-size superhero to inspire my creative efforts.

As background, I built a CNC machine in 2008 and have gradually taught myself the ins and outs of using it over the past several years.  I've gone from simple two-dimensional projects to bas relief to full 3D.  It has a cuttable area of 36" x 24" x 5" and lands squarely in the camp of hobbyist CNC.  Additionally, I am well-versed in a number of graphics and 3D modeling packages.  To duplicate the results here, you'd need access to a similar CNC machine and be reasonably good with 3D software tools.

The subject of this instructable is actually the result of a modeling tutorial titled 3D Modeling in Silo: The Official Guide by Antony Ward, David Randall and Nevercenter.  The chapters in that book take you through a character modeling exercise in which you create this figure using a program called Silo 3D.  This is exactly what I did and the outcome is a compelling blond hovering in a rocket pack with a pistol in her left hand.

It was at the end of this book that I felt I wanted something more for my efforts.  I figured that buildng her as a life-size sculpture would make a kick-ass exhibit and expand my abilities along the way.
yavid2 years ago
Any links/info to the CNC machine that you built?
MaskMarvl2 years ago
Wow... amazing.. :)
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
beauty... i wonder how would a wonder woman work ? :D
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
a beauty... i wonder who would a woman woman work lol ;)
snowgrains (author) 2 years ago
It was probably about $300 in materials for the entire build.
djsam902 years ago
Very nice man! How much it cost you to do??
studleylee2 years ago
This is just amazing!!! One of my favorite instructables!!!! -Lee
triumphman3 years ago
Oh the things I would make if I had your tools! Wishing! Wishing! Wishing!
propart3 years ago
Very nice. I love when people know how to properly use a tool. I can't wait to buy my own cnc. I love how you made the pipes structure. I also love how it looks in the end with paint and everything. Well done. 5 stars
bill20093 years ago
That's incredibly awesome?
Jetpack53 years ago
Amazing! You have that great combo of talent and equipment. Very well done!
Very nice work. I wish I had the equipment and skills with 3D progams to be able to do something like that. You have my vote.
PeckLauros3 years ago
Amazing! Well done! Fiver stars and got my vote!!!!
very slick techniques, love it!
snowgrains (author) 3 years ago
Thanks so much for all the kind words! She was quite the challenge to make and took me into problem solving at just about every turn of the road. At the end of the effort you realize just how far past your comfort zone you had to push in order to finish it.

It's very gratifying to see the reaction to the effort. As I said in the write-up, I hope it inspires someone else to do likewise!
studleylee3 years ago
What poofrabbit said!!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
myxpykalix3 years ago
I believe i had first seen this in the Shopbot or Vectric forum a while back. I know how much time and effort goes into just the modeling and 3D work long before you get to the cutting stage. Then the hours of cutting, sanding and finishing. So you have a very nice project you should be proud of. Good Job!
poofrabbit3 years ago
WOW! This is just plain WICKED!!!! Very well done!
Kinsei013 years ago
holy crap, When you said build your own superhero, I was figuring maybe a 6 inch action figure. But wow, man I wasn't expecting a 6 foot sculpture.
How cool is that man.
I wish I had the materials and machines to do this. Um... brb going to the DIY CNC section to try and build me a CNC or something...