I've always wanted to build my own RC car, and here it is...

  This is my first instructable, be kind =3

Now my RC CAR has a proportional acceleration system, it works for backwards and forwards. See it on Step 5

The final result is here:

Step 1: Material List

You I'll need :
  - A structure (sorry, I didn't took any photos of me making it). Mine includes a steering bar in the front with 2 wheels and the car motor on the back with 1 wheel.
  - 2 hobby servos, one for steering (self explanatory) and one for acceleration (you'll see the magic very soon).
 - A micro switch.
 - 5V regulator for the receiver.
 - 3S 2200mAh LiPo
 - Instant glue  
 - Duct tape

You will also need creativity =]
<p>It looks like it definitely needs creativity alright. With such complex mechanism, one cannot start on the project without already having some subsantial amount of expertise. It does not necessarily need to be specific experience in the field, but it requires at least previous hands-on exposure to such a creative setup.</p>
<p>Simply you could toggle the Power to accelerate Power on to Accelerate and Power off to Deaccelerate. and you could have used a embodyment </p>
cool.awesome i liked
gud one.. try SUV next time!<br>

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