Picture of Build yourself a RC car (UPDATED)
I've always wanted to build my own RC car, and here it is...

  This is my first instructable, be kind =3

Now my RC CAR has a proportional acceleration system, it works for backwards and forwards. See it on Step 5

The final result is here:

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Step 1: Material list

Picture of Material list
You I'll need :
  - A structure (sorry, I didn't took any photos of me making it). Mine includes a steering bar in the front with 2 wheels and the car motor on the back with 1 wheel.
  - 2 hobby servos, one for steering (self explanatory) and one for acceleration (you'll see the magic very soon).
 - A micro switch.
 - 5V regulator for the receiver.
 - 3S 2200mAh LiPo
 - Instant glue  
 - Duct tape

You will also need creativity =]

Step 2: Fixing the structure

Picture of Fixing the structure
Since my car is 3 wheeled, its very unstable. I've glued a little wing on the bottom of the car as shown on the picture.

If you build the same way I did, you can either do this or lower the center gravity of your car by placing the battery on the bottom of the car.

Step 3: Putting things together

Picture of Putting things together
5v regulator.png
Its time to mount the battery in the car with the battery alarm and the 5v regulator .

*Note: 5v regulator circuit is 5th picture

1- tape the cables to the battery
2- plug the regulator and the alarm in the battery
3- Now, Tape the receiver (radio Rx) to the battery, don't forget to tape the antenna tube too

 It should look like the 3 picture.

 Now glue the steering servo in the right place. Since it's a steering system, the center of the servo arm should be placed on the same line that the front wheels are placed. You can also carve a little space on the servo arm so the steering bar pin can slide in it. This will happen mostly because the servo is not centered perfectly.
ms103 years ago
cool.awesome i liked
imakethings3 years ago
gud one.. try SUV next time!