Step 1: Overview of the parts and process.!

Picture of Overview of the parts and process.!
01-8large, 8 small roof timbers.jpg
07-purpose-made pegs for door frame assembly, smaller that standard tent pegs.jpg
04-centre of roof , 8 large silvered spiked are used first.jpg
I'm going to cut right to the chase, and assume you know the following (in principle):

1) What a yurt is, and what it's made from.
2) How all the components should look when together.
If you've ever seen a yurt in the flesh, or photo's, or read a bit about them, that's enough.

As you can see from the photo/s, there are a few major components, so I'm going to write about each of these in turn, with some background info, and how to make them, and after that I'll show you how it all comes together for the assembly!

  • Dimensions and background.
  • Timber Components
- wall
- roof
- door.

  • Metal Components
- roof hub
- bolts, pins, pegs.

  • canvas components
- wall
- roof
- roof cap

  • Assembly!

below are a few sample pictures of some components, just for intereste sake:
mista.v5 years ago
If we can't exactly weld or anything, is it best to try to go through all the work of a wood hub or to make one with PVC or other pipe?
davidbuzz (author)  mista.v5 years ago
[sarcasm] If I can't fly an aeroplane, is it best to have someone else fly for me, for me to learn to fly, or for me to take the bus? [/sarcasm] Please just think about what you are asking before you type them, alright?
ravenbird5 years ago

I'm going to be building a yurt this spring out of 1/2" pvc pipe.  Do you make these center hole pieces for sale?  I figure that the ends of the pipe would fit perfectly on the spikes and make the job incredibly easy.  Also, how wide is the hole?