Introduction: Build/Activity: Air Cannon

Send a pom-pom flying with an air cannon you can build using bottles, bags, balloons and even juice boxes. How far will your air cannon launch a pom-pom? For step-by-step instructions visit the Design Squad website.

Here's what you'll need to build your own Air Cannon!

-Large paper cup (e.g., 12- or 16-ounce size) (Or: Ice-cream or yogurt container, milk carton, oatmeal box, 1-pound salt container, mailing tube, or juice box)

-Newspaper bag (Or: Duct tape stuck together to make an airtight square of cloth, a bag from a grocery store’s produce section, shopping bag used to carry purchases, or elastic material that’s cut square from a balloon or stretchy rubber)
-Pom-poms (small- and medium-sized) (Or: Cotton balls or mini marshmallows)

-Duct tape


For step-by-step instructions visit the Design Squad website.


vintiluthra (author)2016-02-15

I made it because I am awesome

vintiluthra (author)2016-02-15

i am awesome that is why i am awesome

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