Want to make a robot? Watch as Design Squad shows you how to make a mini robot that skitters around the room! For step-by-step instructions visit the Design Squad website.

Here's what you'll need to build your own Bristle Bot!

-1 pager motor with two wires (1-volt to 3-volt motor) No pager motor? Buy one at an electronics store or remove one from a broken electronic device that buzzes or vibrates (e.g., cell phone, electric toothbrush, pager, etc.).

-1 button cell battery (1 volt to 3 volt, to match the pager motor)

-1 toothbrush with bristles set at an angle. No toothbrush with angled bristles? Put a book on top of a head with straight bristles. After a few minutes, the bristles will stay angled back.

-Attachment materials (e.g., rubber band, twist-tie, zip-tie, tape, or double-stick foam tape)

-Pliers/wire cutter

-Wire stripper (optional)

For step-by-step instructions visit the Design Squad website.

Step 1: Cut Off the Toothbrush Head

Snip off the head, using pliers or wire cutters.
Cut the handle close to the bristles.
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<p>Nice Ible</p>
<p>Nice Ible</p>

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