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Introduction: Building a 6'x6' Turntable

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I built a big turntable to gather nude photos as anatomy reference for my crazy sculpting project. As 4' x 4' seems a little bit too small for a full spectrum of poses I decided to make it 6' x 6'.

Step 1: Slabs

Cut two 4' x 8', 3/4" thick oak plywood boards (about $45 each) to two 3' x 6' boards.

Step 2: Beams

Then cut three 12 ft. long, 2 in. x 6 in. wood bars (about $7 each) into halves to have six 6 ft. bars to connect those two boards.

Step 3: Connectors

To make sure the table sturdy I used sixty 7" L-angle connectors (about $3 each) and drilled about four hundreds screws. That might have been overkill though.

Step 4: Casters

The funnest part was attaching casters. I used sixteen Titan polyurethane rigid casters (about $10 each).

Step 5: Ready for Photo Shoot With Models!

As long as casters are oriented along the circumferences of concentric circles, the turntable will rotate around that center.



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    I'm looking for a cheap turntable for plastic wrapping shipping pallets at work. I bet this will work great for that purpose. How much weight do you suspect it will handle. I suppose I could just add more castors. More castors would disperse the weight better.

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    Hi mr.incredible, it's crazily sturdy. I once put three models on it simultaneously and it worked just fine. This one costs me roughly $500, but I bet you could reduce the cost by nailing the beams directly to the boards instead of using connectors.

    Great idea, had an need for something like this lurking in my head for a motor bike turnstile. Will have to give it a go . thanks

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    Thanks arobinson34. I'm looking forward to see yours. Best of lucks!

    Thanks MsSweetSatisfaction! Yes, it works great as expected. I would love to share some turntable clips I've done recently, but I think I should finish my sculptures before then.