Picture of Building A Basic Website From Scratch
So you're an average Joe who wants to have his (or her, Jose) own website. In the next steps I'll show you how you can build a simple website and host it for nothing. 
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Step 1: Programs You'll Need

You will need a copy of:

- Adobe Fireworks, to build the site.
- Adobe Dreamweaver, to put it all together.
- Adobe Photoshop or other graphic editor (optional), to make special images.
- & a web browser (preferably Chrome as you can check mistakes easier) 

Step 2: Build The Site

Picture of Build The Site
Using Fireworks, start making your webpage. Remember that the simpler you make it the easier it will be down the road to put together. Also if you want to have fancy rollover buttons, now is the time to create them (You could also make them in photoshop/other graphic editor).

Rollover buttons are basically two images, one is what the button will look like with out someone hovering their mouse over it, and the second image is what that button looks like when they do hover their mouse over it. When done correctly rollover buttons are a nice feature for any website, however by the same token remember that to flashy is cheesy.