Picture of Building A Boat--Just for Fun
This instructable is a humorous take on my attempt at building a boat. You can't actually build a boat from these instructions, but it gives you a basic idea mixed in with a little humor. Be prepared for a lot of time and the need for a lot of warm weather before attempting. This is also my second attempt at a boat so you might want to practice with some cheaper materials. Good Luck!
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Step 1: Pick A Design

Picture of Pick A Design
After sorting through all the designs on the Internet, pick one that is simple and suits your tastes.

Step 2: Clear Out Workshop

Picture of Clear Out Workshop
While Mama is busy washing clothes, push her car out of the carport so you have some room to work.

Step 3: Get Some Tools

Picture of Get Some Tools
Breaking In.JPG
Now that your dad is at work, sneak out to the shed and get some tools, he has plenty, he'll never miss a few.

Step 4: Go to HD

Picture of Go to HD
Since boats are made of wood, we need some. Go to HD if you own stock in them (like me) or Lowe's if you don't...or if there isn't a HD for a long way.

Step 5: Bring Wood Home

Picture of Bring Wood Home
An explorer is only about 7 feet long in the cargo area...if you couldn't guess a 4X8 piece of plywood doesn't fit in it real well...but you've got to make do with what you have. It looks something like this.

Step 6: Cut Out Pieces

Picture of Cut Out Pieces
Now that we have plans and wood, we need to turn the wood into shapes that are on the plans...or at least close to them.

Step 7: Try to put the pieces together

Picture of Try to put the pieces together
Once the pieces are all cut out, try to put them together...don't worry if they don't fit, they aren't going to the first time around.

Step 8: Throw away old design

Picture of Throw away old design
Since the old plan didn't work, throw it away and make up your own plan that uses the shapes that you do have.

Step 9: Plane things.

Picture of Plane things.
A great tool is the hand plane. Its kind of like an eraser. A piece a little bit big, just erase a little off the edges to help them fit.

Step 10: Fiberglass

Picture of Fiberglass
The longest, hardest and most critical step is the fiberglassing. Since there are bound to be huge holes where two pieces of wood meet, its critical to seal those up with fiberglass...use a mask and gloves.
antoman114 years ago
lol pretty funny.
Mask???  Gloves???  OxiClean???  I'm lost!!!
wow this is pretty cool. i want to make a boat! but...this instructable is a bit...empty. i feel like it's missing A Lot! like specifics: tools (which ones), materials (what size wood etc.), boat dimensions, how and where to put it together, etc. and i want to know what it looks like when it's finished and painted! anyway, looks like it must've came out well! great job! :-)
Ditto. Looks like it could have been a cool boat, but I have no idea how you actually MAKE it. This is supposed to "instruct", but there's not enough instruction going on in this instructable.
'Tis humor this. Thou hast none, Sir.
If you want some information on easy boats to build google "one sheet boats". These are probably going to be a lot easier to start with.
Richie156 years ago
I think the most important part is step 8, throwing away the plans. Mine matched the drawings perfectly so I skipped step 8, and the feckin' thing sunk! :P
vandejake6 years ago
check out http://www.vintageprojects.com/http://www.vintageprojects.com/ it has lots of old shop plans its open and there is a whole area dedicated to wooden boats, i want to merg some plans and build my own someday, live on the oceans of the Americas for a while. Have fun and support sites like these!!
tricker696 years ago
As the disclaimer says, "You can't actually build a boat from these instructions, but it gives you a basic idea" I am building a Weekender II by Stevenson Projects. My spring/summer project is now headed into the fall, and yes, the 'glassing of the boat was the hardest part so far. Good luck on yours, I will be sailing next spring in mine.
gijzo7 years ago
Heheheh, cool!
awoodcarver7 years ago
Some left out ? Nice idea to build a boat but add some more ...I would like to see the finished boat ...Is it a small sail boat ? a dingy? a English punt?