Step 10: Now, the magic!

Some glue is put on the top of the hull. You are now committed to inserting the top half of the hull within the next few minutes.

Loosen the rigging control lines.

Lower the back mast.

And then the forward mast.

Carefully roll the paper sails around the hull and start slowly feeding the top half of the ship into the bottle.

Once the rest of the ship is in the bottle. Pull on the control threads and PARTIALLY raise the mast. You are just trying to get them out of the way while you rejoin the two halves of the hull.

Once you have the two haves together, let the glue dry, and then slowly raise the mast. You may need to reach in and untangle some threads… Take your time.

The rear sail had become misshapen. The masts were slightly lowered and the sail was secured to the bottom boom.

deathpod2 years ago
This is a great Instructable! Very impressive! i can't wait to try this out. Thank you for putting it up.
Jsquared243 years ago
Aren't ships in bottles made by putting the pieces in th bottle, rather than making the ship outside the bottle and then putting the ship in ????
goaly (author)  Jsquared243 years ago
This instructable demonstrates the traditional method of putting a ship in a bottle. A few parts of the ship (such as the upper and lower halves of the hull) are assembled inside of the bottle, but the majority of the work is done outside.
Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know :)
jeff-o4 years ago
Very cool. I always wondered how these were made. Thanks!