For the final number of the show, the four actors who have been eaten by Audrey II reappear with their faces in her blooming flowers. Various productions achieve this look in different ways, but for ours, we wanted to leave them free of being heavily tethered to the plant so they could dance more freely. The final solution was balaclavas dressed with flower petals, leaves and vines which go quickly and easily over the actors heads.


Slightly prior to this, we see Audrey has budded, and these buds have been clipped to be sold. In order to keep the style consistent throughout the show, I made a set of six transplanted Audrey II buds to appear on stage.


Per the directors choice, the ensemble for this production also appears for the final number, and it was asked that they be dressed in some manner as well to show Audrey's takeover. I did not want them to compete with the larger flower heads, but given that we do briefly see some of Audrey II's small buds before this point, I went with a design in which buds could be clipped to the actor's costumes, as well as giving them headbands and vines to drape on themselves. These all match the small buds, and because of our number of ensemble at the time of casting, there are enough items for an ensemble of twenty-one.

Step 1: Materials

As with the phases of Audrey II, her buds and flowers are done to match. They are made out of:


  • Milliskin Matte Spandex in Magenta, Apple/Kelly Green, Yellow, and some Assorted Greens

  • 1” Upholstery Foam

  • Aluminum Wire

  • Thread

  • Hot Melt Glue

  • Plastic Drinking Cups

  • Acrylic Paint in Black, Brown, Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Blue, Dark Green, and Apple Green

  • Headbands

  • Roller Clips


Because the construction of all of these are quite soft, there is no major armature to speak of, and most everything comes together with thread and glue.

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