Phase III is even bigger yet than her previous two phases, but she's not yet a horror, just a small terror. She's fully able to talk now, and all the more trouble for it. As with all of her phases, she has special design considerations here too. She needs to:


  • Be large enough and able to consume cut up body parts.

  • Sing and dance

  • Show some 'growth'/vicious demand (here accomplished by her puppeteer moving from a cross legged position to an upright seated one and flailing their legs as well as going from sitting to standing.

  • Have an articulated tongue for singing.


As she is significantly larger than her previous phases, she also has these considerations:


  • She needs a sturdy armature now that she is large enough to cover a puppeteer.

  • The puppeteer needs to remain concealed.

  • The needs of the puppeteer need to be taken into consideration that she is not too heavy to operate.


Despite these multiple considerations her format is still of simply a mouth, though now, instead of being operated by a single hand, her head covers half of the puppeteer who operates her with both arms. Their legs are covered with roots and vines allowing for more articulation and motion when they move them about.


This breaks the puppet into three parts for construction:


  1. The head, similar to previous phases but much larger.

  2. The suit for the puppeteer of roots and leaves.

  3. The pot for the puppeteer to be seated on.


While this is a different and disparate approach from the previous two phases, the overall body shape remains similar, and simply has grown in size, detail, and viciousness as before.

Step 1: Materials

Now that Audrey II has grown significantly, her overall construction requires a more solid armature of aluminum (light enough to bend by hand and not severely affect final weight, strong enough to provide support), but her other materials remain much the same:


  • 1/8”x1/2” Aluminum Bar

  • 14-Gauge Aluminum Wire

  • 1/2” Upholstery Foam

  • 1” Upholstery Foam

  • Milliskin Matte Fabric in Daffodil Yellow, White, Magenta, Kelly/Apple Green, Dark Green, and Nude

  • Faux Terra Cotta Plastic Pot

  • 1” Nylon Strap

  • Plastic Parachute Clips (x2)

  • Plywood

  • Cheap Faux Fur

  • Machine Screws and Nuts

  • Thread

  • Hot Melt Glue

  • Acrylic Paint in Evergreen, Apple Green, White, Red, Purple, Blue, Aqua, Yellow, Orange, Brown, and Black


Naturally, all necessary tools to machine and manipulate these materials are also required.

<p>I am currently working on phase 3...did you use 1 inch or 1/2 inch foam for the leaves? It's hard to tell from photos. Thanks in advance!</p>
It was 1&quot; in this case. You could use either depending on what's on hand.
<p>Hello again!</p><p>How did you ensure puppeteer visibility for the larger Audreys?</p>
Your Audrey 2 is so fantastic that it is going to be my Halloween coustume

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