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I liked a design that I had seen on Instructable ( How I Built a Brick BBQ/Smoker ) I thought I would try ,, this is the area before the cement, measuring 12'x6' ft. w/ spatula in hand,, little did I know :)

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Using 2x6 for forms, placing pre positioned re-bar, and wire for support , my thoughts were to separate every 2' into three sections from left to right : an open grill , a fire box , and a smoker , With concrete down, I`m ready to start putting down brick, this should be fun,,

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since I am new to this mortar, brick, and positioning stuff, I was kinda slow,, but gaining speed , had to do some study on the mortar , and what kind would be best , finding that fire brick mortar is used for high temperatures, seemed to be what is required for this project , directions were on bag : 1 part fire brick mortar , 2 part regular mortar , and 6 part sand ,,, part - meaning shovel full .There are three sections to this project, averaging two ft. apart per section , so far so goood

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Making progress, got three levels high, capping the right side were the smoker will begin,showing the water pan ,, created air vents on the floor in the fire box section (center) two in front , and one in back. The right side , are pic`s that shows the opening where the heat from the fire box will transfer over to the smoke box. Used 1/4 "x6 " steel for lintels, for the fire and smoker , and will use these for future areas. there is reasoning in the design, but am adopting as we progress. Kinda like sculpturing.

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Using re-bar and concrete, created lintel on center fire box, and starting to enclose fire box area // as you can see once the brick was in place, then placing fire brick next on inside, slow but steady, proceeding to cap the firebox section

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Finally got the fire box built up with re-bar and put concrete on top, on the right is where the heat will rise and transfer up into the smoker side, now to start on smoker box

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It has been about 6 mo. working kinda steady, putting in 2-3 hrs , little by little , going forward. The smoker side is coming along, this is about where I`m at ,, will continue to post as I proceed , it`s been fun ,, hard work , but fun !!

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Slowly building up , cutting fire brick in half , not only for the walls but also for creating a ledge to use for a rack support, it`s about as high as I want , so now gonna figure out how to close this , here are those lintels, 1/4" steel 5"wide that I have been using, winter is coming upon us , looks like progress will slow,, well maybe just stop.

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Winter past, it`s warming up and I am back at it , got rebar in place along w/ plywood for forming ceiling , created a chimney and ready for concrete , with placing fire brick inside , Smoker side is finished !

Step 9:

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Started on the open grill , setting rebar , of course concrete , it seems - you can never have enough concrete . Will start putting fire brick in the bottom and sides. With that in, setting another layer of bricks to begin building arch as a covering, arch finished , now fire brick , and that should do it for grill.

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Starting on placing red bricks , this is interesting , I think ... and was not quick enough before winter coming in,, see you next year, I am back,,, we got through winter , and I have started with renewed vigor, I am soooo looking forward to figuring this contraption out , forward as they say, as you see, I`ve put the doors on and am finishing up on chimney. Whew, !! Almost there. Working on the Chimney, I created a flue, so as to control temp in smoker area , working out well. I started a low key fire on the smoker side the other day, just wanted to season fire box before actual use, didn't quite get up to 220 where I was hoping , keep you posted. Capping the open BBQ side - put screen in between bricks, finished capping open grill chimney, Finished on this brick laying !!! I started to practice the smoker with pork blade steaks at 220 temp. I believe I will progress up from there, they say ( Bigger & Better ) sooo looking forward to this.

Step 11: Cooking Is Now

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Well,, finally reached the most important part, having some friends over to try cooking on the open grill side... we will see :) wa la :) I wish to thank instructables and staff for making available this opportunity to share ,, Now go and have Fun.


Swansong (author)2017-11-22

That looks really nice!

Mack Q (author)Swansong2017-11-26

thank you

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