Picture of Building Beanbag Toss Boards
Whether you are tailgating, grilling, or at your infamous family reunion, there is one yard game that stands above the rest.  Bean-bag toss is a tried and true game for all ages, and is a guarantee for a good time.  Sets come in many different shapes and colors,  but why buy expensive, generic store-bought sets when you can make your own?  The purpose of this guide is to explain the steps necessary to make a portable board set for bean-bag toss for under $35*.  The building process take about two hours and has a low level of technical difficulty.   In an afternoon, you will have completed an inexpensive, and creative set with a touch your own imagination and have fun in the building process!

Note: These instructions will build one board.  Repeat entire process to create second board.
*Estimated price excludes bean bags.

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Step 1: Necessary Materials and Equipment

Picture of Necessary Materials and Equipment
Preparing the following tools and materials will make the building process easier and smoother.

One 6’ x 2’ piece of ¾” ply-wood
One 2' x 4' 
Two simple cabinet hinges, 2 ½” wide (Screws included)
Four 2 ¼” nails
Paint and Stain (both optional)

Tape measure
Circular Saw
Power drill with at least 3/8” bit, and Phillips head driver

Step 2: Creating the Board (1 of 2)

Picture of Creating the Board (1 of 2)
Lie the 6' x 2' plywood board flat on a workbench.
Measure 3 feet from end of 6’ x 2’ plywood board and mark with a line shown in the diagram above.

Step 3: Creating the Board (2 of 2)

Picture of Creating the Board (2 of 2)
Using the circular saw, cut along the line drawn in step 2 to divide the 6' x 2' board into two equal 3’ x 2’ boards.  Choose one board and set it aside; it will be used to create the other board in the set.

Warning:  Improper use of the circular saw may result in bodily injury or harm.

Step 4: Making the Hole Cutout (1 of 4)

Picture of Making the Hole Cutout (1 of 4)
With the board flat on the workbench:

Measure 9 ½” inches from the top of board and mark.
Measure 12” inches from the side of board and mark.

The intersections of these lines will center the hole to be cut in following operations.

unluckey3 months ago

very good instructions thank you

swang72 years ago
ISU!!! go Cyclones!!!!!!
chinchymork2 years ago
Cool! I like that the legs are hinged :)