Picture of Building Beanbag Toss Boards
Whether you are tailgating, grilling, or at your infamous family reunion, there is one yard game that stands above the rest.  Bean-bag toss is a tried and true game for all ages, and is a guarantee for a good time.  Sets come in many different shapes and colors,  but why buy expensive, generic store-bought sets when you can make your own?  The purpose of this guide is to explain the steps necessary to make a portable board set for bean-bag toss for under $35*.  The building process take about two hours and has a low level of technical difficulty.   In an afternoon, you will have completed an inexpensive, and creative set with a touch your own imagination and have fun in the building process!

Note: These instructions will build one board.  Repeat entire process to create second board.
*Estimated price excludes bean bags.

Step 1: Necessary Materials and Equipment

Picture of Necessary Materials and Equipment
Preparing the following tools and materials will make the building process easier and smoother.

One 6’ x 2’ piece of ¾” ply-wood
One 2' x 4' 
Two simple cabinet hinges, 2 ½” wide (Screws included)
Four 2 ¼” nails
Paint and Stain (both optional)

Tape measure
Circular Saw
Power drill with at least 3/8” bit, and Phillips head driver

unluckey5 months ago

very good instructions thank you

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ISU!!! go Cyclones!!!!!!
chinchymork2 years ago
Cool! I like that the legs are hinged :)