Picture of Building Block Picture Puzzle

Kids love building blocks and kids love picture puzzles. So why not combine the two and make a picture puzzle with building blocks. This is a great project for kids. They can help build it and then they can play with it.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Building Blocks (any style will work)

Printable Sticker Paper (full sheets work best)


Sharp Knife

Bar Clamp (optional)

Small Wooden Bar (optional)

Step 2: Select a Picture

Picture of Select a Picture

The first thing that you need to do is choose a picture to use for the puzzle. You can use one of your kid's favorite characters, or you can take a picture of their favorite animal. Use your imagination.

Step 3: Print Out the Picture on Sticker Paper

Picture of Print Out the Picture on Sticker Paper

Now you need to print out the picture on sticker paper. You can find full sheet of printable sticker paper in the office supply section of most big-box stores like Walmart. Load the paper into your printer and print the picture. Then use a pair of scissors to trim off the border around the picture.

Step 4: Make a Large Block Frame for the Picture

Picture of Make a Large Block Frame for the Picture

Make a large rectangle of blocks that is the same size as the picture.

Step 5: Clamp the Blocks Together (optional)

Picture of Clamp the Blocks Together (optional)

To ensure that the blocks are stuck together evenly it may help to clamp them between two pieces of wood. However this is entirely optional.

Step 6: Apply the Sticker to the Block

Picture of Apply the Sticker to the Block

Now you need to apply the sticker to the blocks. Peel off the backing in one corner. Then line that corner up with the corner of the blocks. Slowly apply the sticker to the blocks. Use your hand to press the sticker and smooth it out as you go.

Step 7: Use a Knife to Trim Any Excess Around the Sides

Picture of Use a Knife to Trim Any Excess Around the Sides

If the picture goes over the edge of the blocks, use your knife to trim off the excess.

Step 8: Cut Along the Rows of Blocks

Picture of Cut Along the Rows of Blocks

Now you are ready to begin cutting out the blocks. Start by cutting along the rows of blocks. You can just stick your knife into the grove between the blocks and drag it along the row.

Step 9: Cut Out the Individual Block

Picture of Cut Out the Individual Block

Once the rows of blocks are separated, you can cut out the individual blocks. On the end row, use your knife to cut along the grove between the blocks. Then carefully remove the blocks one at a time. Repeat this with each row until all the blocks are separated.

patatarium12 months ago
Is really fun
photo-2014-08-05 17:46.jpgphoto-2014-08-05 17:46.jpgphoto-2014-08-05 17:46.jpg
DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)  patatarium12 months ago

Cool. Thanks for sharing.

patatarium12 months ago
I put 2 sides
RarityEG1 year ago

Looks so fun!

This is a fantastic idea
patatarium1 year ago
Cool ! I may try this :•)

Very clear steps! Thanks for posting...can't wait to try this. :)

Great idea! As a puzzle lover, I crave challenges and mix ups. The fact that you have the power to choose the picture is a win.
Wow! This is really cool! You could use this same technique to put designs on Lego creations. Thanks for sharing:)

This is a great idea! You could even do a puzzle on both sides to make it even harder!

Or you could make a 3D puzzle.