Kids love building blocks and kids love picture puzzles. So why not combine the two and make a picture puzzle with building blocks. This is a great project for kids. They can help build it and then they can play with it.

Step 1: Materials

Building Blocks (any style will work)

Printable Sticker Paper (full sheets work best)


Sharp Knife

Bar Clamp (optional)

Small Wooden Bar (optional)

Is really fun
<p>Cool. Thanks for sharing.</p>
I put 2 sides
<p>Looks so fun!</p>
This is a fantastic idea
Cool ! I may try this :&bull;)
<p>Very clear steps! Thanks for posting...can't wait to try this. :)</p>
Great idea! As a puzzle lover, I crave challenges and mix ups. The fact that you have the power to choose the picture is a win.
Wow! This is really cool! You could use this same technique to put designs on Lego creations. Thanks for sharing:)
<p>This is a great idea! You could even do a puzzle on both sides to make it even harder!</p>
Or you could make a 3D puzzle.

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