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In this instructable you will see how I built three different custom counters for a sweet shop, with raised panels out of ply and matchboard!

Step 1:

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Firstly, I cut to the right length, all the pinewood pieces I needed for the three counters.

Step 2:

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And then, I cut them to the right width.

Step 3:

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Now, I started to assemble all the bases of every counter.

Step 4:

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I checked that every piece is perfectly square and then drilled it and screwed it.

Step 5:

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After I had nailed and screwed every piece, I rounded all the edges with a router, I puttied all the screw holes and sanded them very well. I repeated the same process for the other two.

Step 6:

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Now, I started to sand all the pieces that I was going to use to create the raised panels.

Step 7:

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And then for each piece, I rounded its sides where necessary.

Step 8:

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In order to create raised panels, I used my router and I made a 1cm slot (as the thickness of the matchboard & the ply) in the middle of every piece.

Step 9:

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And I tested that the matchboard fits nice and without any problem into the slots!

Step 10:

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I puttied every piece separately and then sanded it very well.

Step 11:

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Also, I cut and sanded all the plywood pieces that I was going to use for the upper part of the raised panels.

Step 12:

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Now, I started to assemble all the rail and the stile pieces together. After that, I screwed them onto the beams.

Step 13:

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I placed one beam at every corner on the base of every custom counter.

Step 14:

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And then, I put the matchboard and the plywood pieces into the slots I created before.

Step 15:

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I screwed them on the upper part of the counter, in order to make one solid steady piece and then puttied all the screw holes.

Step 16:

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Now, I cut the top surface of every counter to the right dimensions and then I rounded all the edges. For the countertop I used 3cm thick veneered MDF board (Oak).

Step 17:

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I sanded it with many different sandpapers very well, on all four sides and then I repeated the same process for the other two countertops.

Step 18:

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And then, I started to paint all the counters on every side with ecological water based undercoat / primer.

Step 19:

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I filled all the gaps with putty (a lot of putties…), sanded them very well and applied premium quality water based enamel paint on the last layer!

Step 20:

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...and the Custom Shop Counters are ready!

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it!


midiansangel (author)2017-08-31

That's pretty cool.

OutofPatience (author)2017-08-21

Nice work! Thanks for the detailed instructable.

Kris82 (author)2017-08-16

Looks good. Nice Design.

Elias Stratakos (author)Kris822017-08-21

I'm happy to hear that! Thanks for your kind words!

All the best!

dvan someren (author)2017-08-20


I'm happy that you liked it! Thanks!

Best wishes!

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