Building Daddy's Shed.





Introduction: Building Daddy's Shed.

It had to happen.

#2 Son found out about the Gorilla Glue contest prizes - his favourite raw materials are cardboard boxes and duct tape.

So, he decided to turn a box into a model of my shed. Pay attention, he is particularly proud of the hinge.

(Obligatory plea to your emotions: #2 Son is 8, which is why he's entering via my account. You could see this as a collaboration, since I took the photos and did the writing (but he had to OK it before I published it).)

Step 1: Starting.

First find a box (this one had a watch in that came by mail). It is important for the card to be corrugated, and for the corrugations to run top-to-bottom.

Tape it up, and draw on the parts that need removed.

Step 2: Cut

Carefully, cut out all the holes.

Important thing to notice - the door has been cut out on all four sides.

Step 3: The Hinge.

Pay attention, this is clever, and I didn't show him.

The hinge is made of a bamboo skewer, trimmed to length.

Hold the door in place, then thread the bamboo (with its convenient point first) through the gaps within the corrugated card.

Trim the skewer to length, and you're done. The hinge works very well, and the door will stay in place at whatever angle you leave it.

Step 4: Furniture

He had to put furniture in the model, mainly because I didn't do that with my version.

He drew the nets freehand on card from another box, cut them out, folded them and fixed them in place with a piece of tape.

Step 5: Windows.

Windows need glazing, otherwise they are just holes in the wall.

#2 son (again, trying to out-do me) used the plastic windows from a cardboard box to glaze the windows in his shed.

Step 6: A Final Comparison.

That's it, it's done, but he wanted one last photo - which is better? Father's or son's?

(One final note - this is not my entry to the contest. I have been forced to promise that any prizes it earns go to #2 Son (Kitewife ganged up on me), and I have to ask permission to use them!)



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Yayyyyyy! now I have a model of kitemans 8 year old sons shed

Post a picture, then!

you do know in the box surrounding his face in slide 1, your missing the word "expression".

*grammar police*

Thanks, fixed.


I will try to apply pure mathematics in the criteria to decide which one is better: Jr. is 8 years old, Dad I will assume is at least 32 . So we can derived from this that dad's project should be at least 4 times better than jr. Well I don't think so, Jr's has a more down to earth touch, the lack of strait lines embraces the way nature is, I mean what would you prefer a river with a wavy path or a strait concrete channel fill with water. I vote for Jr. U must be freaking proud, congrats on your design and please tell, K Jr, that I send him my respects as he is in the right path to become a great do it your selfer. (OK is not a word but you get my drift)

Thanks very much!

I'm 41.

kitewife? what an interesting nickname...

when he turns 10 you should think about getting him a pocket knife. thats when i got my first one. that was a wonderful day.......


 Yours looks better than your sons. I give him an A+ for effort and creativity. 

I made sort of the same thing when i was
5, except it was a lot bigger, had no furniture,
and was only used to roll around in the living room with.

(Also if you ever do what i had attempted,
don't stick your head out of the (carved) window while rolling)