Step 4: Practice bending coils.

Picture of Practice bending coils.
Nearly every part you make is going to have one or more coils in it so you need to practice to get good at making them.

- Use the flat long nose pliers to completely straighten out a paperclip.

- Place the paperclip between the two drill shanks of the bending jig you made in the previous step.

- Carefully twist the paperclip around the longer of the two drill shanks while it is held in place by the shorter drill shank.

- Continue twisting the paperclip around the longer shank until you have 4 turns of wire around the shank.

- Carefully remove the coiled paperclip from the bending jig and check the coil. The coils should be tight and evenly spaced. If not    
   keep practicing until you get it right. 

The video below demonstrates how to do this.