Step 19: Pore fill & Finishing

Picture of Pore fill & Finishing
PORE FILL:  Walnut wood has a lot of pores that must be filled to get a smooth finish.  The first mistake I made at this point was thinking that Behlen’s natural pore filler (which I had already purchased) was clear.  Opening the can clarified my misunderstanding.  It was not clear.  After a conversation with a friend and some additional reading, I ended up buying clear epoxy for the pore filling process.  I used System 3 epoxy from LMII for the pore filling.  After light sanding and wiping down the guitar, I applied the epoxy per the instructions on LMII’s site.  The mixture is supposed to be very accurate for the epoxy to cure properly, so this is where I used the small digital scales.  A few ounces goes a long way.  I worked in small areas, applying some epoxy and using a hotel room key card to scrape off the excess.  Once this dried 24 hours later, I sanded level with 320 grit sandpaper.  It appeared that there were still a few open pores, so I applied another coat of epoxy.  I let this dry for a week before sanding with 320 grit.

FINISHING:  Next I applied two coats of Behlen Vinyl sealer, per the manufacturer’s instructions. I applied 5 coats of lacquer, allowing drying time and completing sanding with 320-400 grit between coats.