Step 6: Chest piece detail and flare

Picture of Chest piece detail and flare
Once the chest piece paint is dry, I hot glued the flashlights into place and used an extra amount of glue for reinforcement.

*word to the wise, if paint is not completely dry, the hot glue will melt the paint and make the bond weak, meaning a.) You'll have to repaint, and b.) Your glue won't stick. So wait until it's dry for sure.

I cut out 2 windshield slats to slide into the chest openings then paint them sky blue. The lighting bolts you see were cut out of regular white print paper then Elmers glued into place. I then took 2 plastic sheets found on those report covers I used to hand in to school, and cut then glued them over the blue sky and lighting bolts. This will give you that glass reflective look without actually have glass.

Hot glue them into the covering and if you want create an outer frame for them by painting metalic foam board strips and hot glueing them to the outer edges.

As you may also notice I painted the bottom of the fram metalic by masking off the top portion with tape and plastic bags found around the house.

*Side note: Notice Spaceballs is on the TV in the background!
r0ck8o5 years ago
wher  did u get the picture for ur window

ktalex6 years ago
its awsome but i still dont understand what u used for the windshield i am so doing this.
diznee4me6 years ago
GOTTA have Spaceballs for such an endeavor. :D One of the best bad movies EVER. Oh, by the way, this costume kicks major booty! Very well done! It seems to move with your body very well as shown in the video. Extra points for that. _