if you are familiar to this, sorry in advance for any mistakes, if not here is a short explination of what pykrete is:

this is my first instructable so bare with me

i take no responsibility of what you do with this

Pykrete is a strange and wonderful thing invented in WW2 by a British inventor ad showcased to Churchill in his bathtub. Pykrete is a form of reinforced ice that has the stopping capability of a brick when a gun is fired at is remarkably fire resistant since it is basically ice. drawing were produced during WW2 for a giant aircraft carrier to be made out of this as it would be like an iceburg
i would say that this is composite material

relatively east to make you need:


1 Container
2 Water
3 Wood Pulp (paper, sawdust, wood chips)
4 Freezer

Step 1: Mixing the Water and Wood Pulp

Take the Water and Wood Pup and mix it by weight to these percentages:

14% Wood Pulp ( in this case kitchen towel)
86% Water

so for example for 1 Kg of Pykrete Mix 140G Paper (any I Think) to 860G water

Mix Well

Put into suitable container

Stick in the freezer and leave to set

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