Building Pykrete (bulletproof Ice)





Introduction: Building Pykrete (bulletproof Ice)

if you are familiar to this, sorry in advance for any mistakes, if not here is a short explination of what pykrete is:

this is my first instructable so bare with me

i take no responsibility of what you do with this

Pykrete is a strange and wonderful thing invented in WW2 by a British inventor ad showcased to Churchill in his bathtub. Pykrete is a form of reinforced ice that has the stopping capability of a brick when a gun is fired at is remarkably fire resistant since it is basically ice. drawing were produced during WW2 for a giant aircraft carrier to be made out of this as it would be like an iceburg
i would say that this is composite material

relatively east to make you need:


1 Container
2 Water
3 Wood Pulp (paper, sawdust, wood chips)
4 Freezer

Step 1: Mixing the Water and Wood Pulp

Take the Water and Wood Pup and mix it by weight to these percentages:

14% Wood Pulp ( in this case kitchen towel)
86% Water

so for example for 1 Kg of Pykrete Mix 140G Paper (any I Think) to 860G water

Mix Well

Put into suitable container

Stick in the freezer and leave to set

Step 2: Mix It Up Part 2

After about two to three hours if the Pykrete has not frozen yet give it a bit of a stir to make sure that it is all mixed corectly

Once it is Frozen take it out if its container and enjoy.

Step 3: Do What You Want With (Compare With Regular Ice)

I can't find any use for this yet but once you have made it. keep it is the freezer and use the same container to freeze dome water.

once that its done take them outside and compare the strength of each material.

Read this to find out more

but remember that i take no responsibility of what you do with this

P.s Would have had pictures of testing but got dark



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    This would make an excellent frozen medium for the 5 gallon Bucket AC. Mix it up, and put it into ziplock bags. Then just hot glue them shut for permanent icepacks that last 2-3 times longer than regular ice.

    You could make containers of this that would fit in the freezer if you were expecting a power loss. For example a hurricane heading your way. You would keep some of them in the freezer and some of them in the refrigerator. Seeing as they melt a lot slower it might save the contents of the refrigerator.

    yes it does. and you can build a boat from it as proven by teh mythbusters recently

    Yeah, but the boat would melt if you aren't in the Arctic.

    Actually it wouldn't as pykrete does not melt near as quickly as regular frozen H2O, in fact I believe it melts about 2 or 3 times slower than normal ice

    no plan was to have an aircraft carrier built out of it. it didnt go through because it would have been two expensive to run the coolers to keep the stuff frozen over long periods of time

    wonder if i could rig a suit for artic climates that runs the stuff through a clear plasstic layer

    Just think of a snowball made out of this. Ouch!

    You really should use some grammar, especially in your Instructables, because the only part of what you wrote that I understood was 14 to 86 percent. People really don't like to have to read like that.