So my 4 year old said to me one day in September- "Daddy, I wanna be WALL-E for for Halloween". Not sure quite how to respond-- not wishing to fork out over a hundred dollars to the mouse empire for a canned costume, and set a good creative example I pondered how to make WALL-E. Drawing on some prior costume experiences made of entirely packing material, I took him on his first Dumpster Diving outing out behind my work (yes, I do work for the mouse, btw). We found a banker box, a section of high density foam rubber, an Apple Cinema Display box, and a MacBook Pro box, all with respective packing materials. Over the course of three weeks, we measured, cut, sliced, painted and choked on fumes to construct our beloved WALL-E. Most of it was constructed with his help, with the exception of the power tools :) -- I hope you enjoy our little creation!

Step 1: Wall E Creation


1 Banker Box (free)
1 MacBook Pro Box, with packing materials (free)
1 Cinema Display Box (free)
1 Pair of Restoration Hardware Goggles (reclaimed from an old project, retail 20 bucks)
1 bottle of paint each ( yellow, black, silver ) $10 or so
1 pad of photo-luminescent foam $1.99
1 pair of old sweats (found in back of the dresser drawer)
1 roll of packing tape (acquired from closet)

Step one- I cut out a hole for Ben's head and arms. With paper, I made a template for his eyes and attached to the goggles.... this was so cute I almost just called it a day!

What is Eve's visor made of?
A recycled street lamp globe covering like these:<br><br>http://www.ebay.com/bhp/lamp-post-globes
Not the helmet part, the black part.
Your son is the luckiest little boy in the world to have a dad like you. These costumes are fantastic!!!
I really liked this so made myslf an adult version using much the same idea.<br>Thank you anthonyshafer.
The Wall-E looks amazing, but the EVE could be a little better. If you hadn't told me it was Eve I would say its a scientist with a helmet on.
Yeah, Eve's body needs to be rounded. Cool Wall-E, though.<br />
As I recall from the movie, Eve levitated. That could be a problem. Neat Wall-E costume! I always think that you can do better than a lot of the commercially available stuff, and with our economy as stinking as it is, a lot cheaper, too!
I know what you mean, but it looks like a lot of work in to Wall-E and they just slacked off on EVE. Its essentially a white coat and a giant bowl with a one way mirror as a visor.<br />
sweet! WALL-E is my favorite PIXAR movie :) I just <3 robots!
impressive, very impressive...Not to mention absolutly adorable.
hmmmm, the eve costume looks last-minute, but i focused on the Wall-E for my review, so a 5/5 is the minimal i can give you!
This is an awesome costume my 3yr old daughter seen it and said Mommy I wanna be Wall-E so we are currently gathering all materials needed to make it
wow so cool even i would not be able to do that im so glad you came first .
Great job!!! Kudos to you and your hard work!
hi i am entering a contest to make an item out of recycled materials and i loved how u made wall-e.. i know that u posted steps on how to make it.. but if u could tell me exactly where to find these materials ..such as the material for the gloves and the goggles.. and how will i make a wall-e without a child inside of it... thank u so much =)<br/>
this is fantastic!
awesome paint job
Im 13 and im so gonna do this next halloween. Wall-E is my all time favorite movie! I Really liked how you and your son went out like that together. This is also my favorite instructable because at the costume store you get a piece of crap costume for forty dollars+ and this was Wall-E like because you made it from recycled materials!
u know if riged the compactor chamber right you could have that be where the wearer can hold there candy
Hi Ward_Nox, I seriously considered having the candy acquisition in the front, but two factors made me nix it. 1) he really wanted to be able to "Cube" up like walle, so that created a space premium inside the box, and 2) the cooler being the candy holder was just too cute!
...yea i can imagine is this gunna be an ongoing thing improving it each year or was this it? i ask cus i had an pumkin II(as opposed to Apple II) computer costume i wore for a few years over the years i used it my mom made improvements to it I won best costume almost evry year i wore it 2
That really depends on if WALL-E is still cool to a 5 year old :) Pumpkin ][, that's hilarious.
she even made a keyboard out orange circle stickers still one of my all time fav costumes

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