Picture of Building Your First Android Application
More than ever before, the world is mobile. Of this mobile revolution, Android is one of the top platforms. Put out by Google to compete with Apple's iOS, Android shows no signs of slowing down. People are wanting to build the apps that run on Android. You always hear about the success stories of apps getting bought for millions of dollars such as Draw Something or Instagram, and now you can start the path to building your million-dollar idea.
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Step 1: Installing Java

Picture of Installing Java
java download page.PNG
java download bar.PNG
java install.PNG
Android apps are written in a programming language called Java. Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and helps run billions of devices. One of the great things about java is that it is completely free to download. It was originally created by Sun Microsystems, but was purchased by Oracle in 2010. To download java onto your computer go to and click on the "Free Java Download" button. This will take you to a page where you can start the download. Once you click the button "Agree and Start Free Download" a file will be downloaded. Once the file is download, run the .exe file. When the install file opens up follow the steps to finish the Java installation.

Step 2: Downloading the Development Environment

Picture of Downloading the Development Environment
android agreement download.PNG
There are a number of ways to develop Android apps. The easiest way to get started quickly is to use the ADT Bundle developed by Google. The ADT Bundle provides a number of tools that are essential to building android apps.

To start go to Once on this page click on the button "Download the SDK ADT Bundle". Once this button is clicked check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions and select either 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on your computer. After you have agreed and selected your system type click on the "Download the SDK ADT Bundle" button and the download will start. The download is a fairly large .zip file (460 mb) so it may take ahwile. After it has completed downloading you can move on to learn how to install it!
PhillipD23 months ago

Well, very nice and simple tutorial on how to get started..Once the initial setup is done, the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty and start with your first android app..don't worry, just go is a lot of fun..Off course, if you want help, lots of sites available to get you started...<a href="">this is a good blog</a>, for help you can refer to and off course, you have stackoverflow for any help from the developer community. Happy Coding!!

JaneB35 months ago

You have provided simple and easy steps to build first android application. Thanks for such a great help.

cgrrty1 year ago
MARK Thanks