Picture of Building Your Own 3D Printer
an perfect creation by Steven Devijver.
To learn how to make it you could log on -
ivver1 year ago

you can't upload a file just with dragging it to web browser, if you could please upload it on some server I would be grateful (like many others) because this printer seems to be made very good.

ggregori1 year ago

my pdf is empty! how can i do?

profort1 year ago
Thank you SRD007
srd0071 year ago
Says the average cost is around $500 us and a few months of your time.
srd0071 year ago
Here is the real link. I just happen to come across it in my searches. You're welcome. http://reprapbook.appspot.com/
profort1 year ago
How much did this cost?
kartikaa23 (author) 2 years ago
there is an change in the site
this needs updating
Cody Heiser2 years ago
That URL is is on your local network. Which means only you can see that Web Page on your computer. If you upload the html file to instructabuls then we could download the file.
Mindmapper12 years ago
mmm does not work.....................
dhotrum12 years ago
so where is the instruction to make this 3d printer? The file file:///C:/Users/user/Desktop/VRINDA/MECHANICAL%20CRAFTS/Building%20Your%20Own%203D%20Printer.htm cannot be found? What did I do wrong??