This instructable describes the building of a case for a Raspberry Pi that incorporates a pan-tilt assembly for the Pi Camera.

My goal was to design a 3D printable case that would neatly encompass the Raspberry Pi while also providing space for converting a single power source (12V) into two regulated supplies. One of those supplies would drive the Raspberry Pi and the other would drive the two servos. My experience with the Raspberry Pi has indicated that it can be very sensitive to power fluctuations. While you could drive the Pi and the servos from a single power input the starting and stopping of the servos may well cause issues for the Pi.

The end product of this instructable is a working, but very rudimentary from a software perspective, webcam . It has the mechanics, electronics, and foundational software for pan and tilt control and can be used as a development platform for your software.

There is no integrated pan tilt webcam software at the end of this instructable! What there is, however, is a hardware and software platform that can be leveraged for your own development goals.

Step 1: Case As Designed in Sketchup

From notepad concept to the renders of the case as it was designed in Sketchup. There are actually two versions of the case, one that fits the original Raspberry Pi and one for the new version.

There are also two variants of the back plate for the case with one allowing for mounting on a wall and the other assuming the case will be free standing.

Finally, the camera mount consists of two pieces with the part that will hold the Pi Camera attaching to a mounting plate that could, in theory, also host some other flavor of camera.

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