Step 1: Tools & Materials Needed

Picture of Tools & Materials Needed
The following tools are needed to complete the job. I included the tools and materials I used for further clarification. If you don't have these basic tools, you do not need to go out and purchase them. Go to a neighbor or a relative and try to borrow these tools before purchasing!

         Screw gun (impact driver)- 18 V Milwaukee 1/4" Impact Driver

         Screws- 3 inch outdoor screws (make sure you have the same bit)

         Finish nails- small 1 inch finish nails

         2 foot level- Stanley Fat Max 2 foot level

         Table Saw- Craftsman

         Compound Miter Saw- Craftsman

         25' tape measure and a pencil

Lumber: Please note that the following measurements may be larger or smaller depending on the size of space you are dealing with.
         2X4- I used six (6) 16' 2X4s.

         MDF Board- I used a 4'X8' sheet of this material. 

         1-1/2" trim

         Another 4' X 8' wood material- This is the piece that is nailed into the front of the bar. I used the thin piece of camouflage          material to add some fun decoration to the bar.

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