Introduction: Building a Book Safe

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This will give you a general idea on how to build a book safe for under 15-20 dollars! This is a great project to make so you can hide stuff such as money or credit cards inside!

Sorry About the picture its a little over exposed!
Warning this should not be done by children this can be very dangerous and i take no responsibility if any injures occur while making this project
Just for the record this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Find a Book That You Will Be Able to Cut Up

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You can buy a book or use one you have,I Found the dictionary pictured below at Half Price Books For $2.00. It worked well for the project because it has thin pages, and were easy to cut. Make sure the book is about an inch thick or More or THIS WILL NOT WORK!

Step 2: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials

For this you will need:

- Exacto Knife OR a retractable blade knife which you can purchase from Home Depot or almost any arts and crafs store.
- Cheap Little Book
- Ruler or straight edge
- Blades

Step 3: Make Your Mark

Picture of Make Your Mark

Marh off the area You Want to cut.
I later tore out the page i outlined my hole on because i got pen marking on the paage!

Step 4: Cut

Picture of Cut

Use the knife to cut out the desired area.
Every few pages flip over the cut pages to the left side.
When you get to the desired level stop and then you can be done or...........(go to next step)

Step 5: Your Done or You Can Chose to Glue the Pages Together!

The pages can now be glued together so the cut out pages last longer!

I didn't do this but it's an idea.


Bobby T (author)2015-10-08

A decent idea is to leave a layer of pages on the top, since somebody can still open the book. There is a chance they'll never get past the intro and that can save your stash.

justus198 (author)2012-07-02

i think its a great idea i have stuff ineed to be safely contained thanks for putting this on intructables

RedFlash (author)2009-06-28

Why would you cut up a book just to put something in it?

makanimahani (author)RedFlash2010-09-12

so no one steals it. i hide gum in mine at school because it is not my job to supply 300 kids with gum everyday....thats just in my grade lol

RedFlash (author)makanimahani2010-09-12

Still, it's a waste of a perfectly good book

ZeroError (author)RedFlash2010-11-04

So don't do it.
I think it looks pretty cool, and you can use one which you don't use and nobody else is interested in.
Think of it as repurposing rather than wasting.

RedFlash (author)ZeroError2010-11-05

I suppose it would be alright if it was a phone book or something...

bcornwell (author)RedFlash2011-06-15

Or anything written by Silver Ravenwolf... That works too. A phone book is too likely to be grabbed by someone... only people that would read Silver Ravenwolf wouldn't be in my house. ;)

tox1cchicken (author)RedFlash2011-01-24

some books aren't perfectly good.
Find something old or damaged.

bullet71792 (author)2008-06-24

does it have to be more than an inch thick?

tox1cchicken (author)bullet717922011-01-24

I have a 30 page book that is he perfect size for a "pack" of bills, depending on the bills you a fit a lot. ( over $1k)

chardster (author)bullet717922008-07-21

No, but you probably couldnt hide much in a book less than an inch thick.

Dr.Paj (author)chardster2009-04-21

I've hidden $300+ in an "Old Man and the Sea" book (150-200 pages) with cut out pages.

jeffconnelly (author)Dr.Paj2009-09-05

What did you say your address was, again? :-)

Dr.Paj (author)jeffconnelly2009-09-05

I live in Cuba, come find me. Also, I've since changed the book I hide my money in, it's now in a book about taxes.

Stormed Wolf (author)2010-12-07

To all of the people who are freaking out about the cutting of the pages, just glue all off the pages together well in the beginning, let it dry for at least a day with a heavy weight on top.

After all of the pages are dry, use a dremmel tool to cut out the pages if you have one, or if you don't, it reduces the chance of cutting yourself because the pages won't slip.

borat007 (author)2009-08-17

if you dont learn about knives as a kid you could hurt yourself as an adult

kibbler (author)borat0072010-09-08

And yet, i am a kid and i LOVE knives. hahaha

makanimahani (author)kibbler2010-09-12

My dads a carpenter so i <3 knifes too lol. they are awesome!!!!!!! and besides if you dont learn about them as a kid youll get hurt as an

kdelwat (author)2009-04-17

how is that dangerous?

Muzhik (author)kdelwat2009-04-19

It's dangerous because it's not a good idea to have little kids using Exacto knives or retractable blade knives. In fact, there are some adults I wouldn't trust using sharp implements, but that's the subject for another rant.

J@50n (author)Muzhik2009-07-22

im a kid and i was whittling and got a half cm deep cut in my forearm and my parents dident care. they even buy my throwing knives.

hiphopapotomas (author)Muzhik2009-07-11

lol. oooo dangerous. i know when i was a kid i cut myself with knives on accident but i guess that you learn from your mistakes?

kdelwat (author)hiphopapotomas2009-07-11

its not really dangerous if kids get supervision and be responsible with the knives

Muzhik (author)kdelwat2009-07-12

True. The other problem I see is that this is a "weekend project", i.e., by working at least 8 hours a day all day Saturday and all day Sunday, you can make pretty good headway in slicing out the pages. I don't see many kids under the age of 10 being able to handle the tedious work involved. If you want to do this with your kids, I think you need to be prepared to do a lot of the work ahead of the time to make it accessible to carbon-based life forms with limited attention span... limited ... I'm sorry, what were we talking about? And why am I holding this knife? (good grief not again...)

Muzhik (author)Muzhik2009-07-12

I should elaborate: If I were to do this with my kids, I would have them glue the pages together, then I would put the books through a drill press with a small-bit drill, drilling around the outline of the space to a specified depth. That way all the kids have to do is use the knife to slice between the "dots". More effort for you but less effort for the kids, making it easier for them to stick with it.

goeon (author)Muzhik2009-04-19


camscam (author)2006-10-29

aw you didnt glue the pages together?

inventageek (author)camscam2008-08-31

i made a book safe thingy but instead of gluing all the pages together i only glued the pages with holes in them and the next 5 pages. that way when my teacher walks by i can have a bookmark in and if she tells me we should be doing something i can pull it out and start reading it rather than have her grab it and toss it at me to read only to find my cell phone and ipod in it lol. just a thought tho but if you intend to have heavy things like i did (cell phone, ipod, knife, etc.) you may want to put an inlay of fabric or something to make the bottom few pages under the compartment stronger.

In fact, i did! ut after i made the instructable.

Stannous (author)2007-09-03

If you wanted to put things in here that you didn't want your local K-9 units to find you can wash the inside of the pages with espresso or boiled coffee. (just be careful to not let it soak through to the edges where it might be noticable) My friends up in Mendecino, CA who grow glaucoma medicines use that method when shipping products through the US Mail.

ILLEGAL. But I don't have any books lying around to cut up. :(

hows it illegal

The last sentence would be an illegal action wouldn't it?

first which sentence second how would cuttin up a book be illegal

I believe he meant that the growing of the glaucoma and shipping it were illegal--definitely not cutting up a book!

Yeah. Thanks. That's what I meant.

hivoltage (author)2006-09-06

this is similar to my mp3 player book case. i glued the pages first though. just paint some dilute white glue on the edges of the book. it also makes it easier to cut out. you can apply some pressure and cut through like 50 pages at once or more. it didnt take more than five minutes to cut out.

Darkshot (author)hivoltage2007-08-26

yeah! i saw that- but isnt the POINT of a ipod to keep it "compact" as they say? cuz it would just be easyer to buy one..i finally gave up after SEVERAL trys to build my own ipod case...ugh then i got pissed off and bought a 10 dollar one at target :P

FrenchCrawler (author)hivoltage2006-09-06

Already posted your link for you.

austin (author)2006-09-05
here it is It was linked by yesterday or day before.

Darkshot (author)austin2007-08-26

werent you the guy that commented on that other guys instructable? plus HAVE YOU MADE THE BOOK YET? ive made 2 :D its awsome i still need to glue the inside thou :/ takes forever for it to dry......all well...i might work on it tomorrow

fretific (author)2007-02-18

Tip: I made one along time ago and used a Subway salad plastic box to insert in my book. It looked much more professional, as I had planned to sell them, just a thought. This kind of safe doesnt need a lock, thats the whole idea (TREBUCHET03), its a diversion safe, a thief will come into your house looking to steal your safe and bust it open later, the book is a diversion, something a thief would not look for since a burglary lasts only a couple minutes most times.

austin (author)2006-09-05

i know i just saw this exact same thing on a diffrent website, but yesterday.

FrenchCrawler (author)2006-09-05
trebuchet03 (author)2006-09-05

I wouldn't call it a safe as there's no lock... but it is "safer" than keeping cash on your dining table :P

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