This guide shows you how to construct a device that greatly reduces the time and ease of trying to fill gelatin capsules. The only decent capsule fillers on market is a CapemQuik machine' it does work but it's inefficient can only do bulk loads and is very time consuming. So I constructed a quick filling machine. It can fill 4 capsules at a time and do around 12-24 per minute depending on your speed. The tubes that hold the capsules can be cut as to allow for different fill levels.
Required Parts:
1. Medication bottle with lid, the wide ones work best
2. Basic Bic pen, the type with a hollow tube
3. Dremel with cutting, drilling and routing bits or equivalent

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Step 1: Measuring and Marking your drill points

We need to drill the holes for the lid. This can be done many ways either by hot nail, drill, and so on. But first use a ruler to mark lines running from top to bottom on the lid; then make two diagonal lines.
We need to mark the drill points. I would recommend drawing four 'X's, mark one on every other line about 1/4" from the edge.
Create a starter hole by punching through the lid with a pointed tip; just a small hole will do.
Using a routing bit a cut a hole about 1/8" to 1/16" smaller than the diameter of the filler tubes; if done correctly the joint will be tight and sealed.
The measurement lines can easily be removed by either using a solvent or sanding.
dana-dxb1 year ago
nice and easy thanx
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wicked cool