Doodle Bot is a very simple beginners robot that can write messages using white board markers, jumbo chalk or crayons. The kit comes with all parts including an Arduino compatible controller and a screwdriver. You will need to supply 4x AAA batteries and a suitable USB cable to program the robot.

A large, full colour manual is included to make assembly easy. The manual can be downloaded from here: https://sites.google.com/site/daguproducts/home/instruction-manuals. This instructable supplements the manual with additional colour photos  and text to show the easiest way to assemble the robot.

There is a tutorial for creating font, symbols and pictures here: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-draw-pictures-and-create-fonts-using-the-Do/

Step 1: Check your parts

Check that you have all the parts shown in the part list. Note that each part has a number (e.g. the geared motors are part number 5). To help identify some parts such as screws and spacers, there is a small ruler printed in the manual.

<p>I opened &quot;Doodle_Bot_text_Demo.pde&quot; but that only included &quot;Constants&quot; and &quot;IOpins.h&quot; so I dont know where the rest of the files come in to play. Any suggestions?</p>
<p>Hey! I went to the site you suggested and downloaded the doodle bot-demo zip file. This had a hole bunch of .pde's and .ino's and header files. Which one should I use to install the code on the board?</p>
<p>Is there a simple test program to see if my wheel encoders are working? I have built the doodle bot, everything seems to be working, but it's not making legible text. I've even shortened the demo program to just one letter, still not legible. So I'm guessing that my wheel encoders are not aligned or something like that. Also, some code for making simple geometric shapes would be nice - I'm working with kids ages 8-12. </p>
<p>That's a really nice robot OddBot.</p>
Can I use a 7.4V Lipo instead?
The simplest Arduino Motor Controller for beginners. <br> <br>Thank you.
Awesome! This is an excellent walkthrough. :)
Thanks Jessy, your curried sweet potato and bacon soup sounds perfect with Winter coming on.
Hello, do you know where I can buy one of these kits. Looks like a good kit to build with my kids as we get some physical output out of the work. Thanks and great writeup!
This is a new product so I do not know who is stocking it yet. If you live in America then contact &quot;<a href="http://rocketbrandstudios.com/" rel="nofollow">Rocket Brand Studios</a>&quot;. Chris has lots of <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Rocket-Brand-Studios-Little-Line-and-Ledge-Robot/" rel="nofollow">cool little robots</a> like this and can order the Doodle Bot in.
yeah really AWESOME

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