Step 3: Adding on the Legs, Stinger, and Claws

To some extent, the "puzzle" was self explanatory for an adult.  
Cindy correctly named which parts should go where however, (smaller legs in the back, claws in the front radiating out from the side just behind the head.

She was unable to get the parts together, not because they were being placed incorrectly but rather because they fit together poorly.  Each part fit,  mortise and tenon style in it's appropriate sized and shaped mortise hole, but they fit SO tightly that she was unable to get them to "stay" together,  but with a little persuasion from me, we get them fitted. 

Advice on getting the parts to fit better?  Nothing I could think of made the job any easier.  Some of them went together nicely, other took brute force to get the parts in.....other, like the book lungs,  took 3-4 hands all at once to align pins with holes, and tuck in 8 lungs into the "shell". 

I had to admit, I was really proud of how well she was able to figure out, without looking at the instructions, which parts went where.   This whole project made my week.

As soon as I install the UV LED, I will add the picture in this step.
You do good :)
Looks great with the UV lights. I bet Cindy was very happy to see it to completion.
I've added more photos to the last step....
Looks awesome!!
Thank you, both myself and my little student thought so too :-)
Looks like you two had a lot of fun making the scorpion. Looking forward to the photos with the LEDs!
To be honest, this was a life changing experience for me....
That's wonderful! Is your young partner Cindy someone you are mentoring or is she family?
She is the daughter of a couple in my meeting, but we are very much "like" family. And since she has recently been diagnosed with AS, we have really bonded of late...so I am going to be in a mentoring position too....since my wife can not have children, this is like a dream come true.
There is not much room inside so I may have to settle on one LED and a mico pushbutton :-) And yes, BOTH of us had a tremendously good time putting this together. She is very quick to pick up how things should go together. :-)
Wow. You finally got it done huh? - It looks pretty cool. <br>How bright are the LED's when lit? (sorry, can't really tell).<br>Good Job!<br><br>(oh btw, still can't rate 'ibles... the stars don't want to show up...)
I published prematurely...I will include pictures of the UV LED when I have them.<br> <br> BTW, TY, it was the most fun I've had in eons, literally. &nbsp; To see that bright little face light up when I showed her the box, &nbsp;and to watch her take pieces and quickly figure out where they belonged in the &quot;puzzle&quot; was very inspirational. &nbsp;Reminded me so much of myself when I was that age.&nbsp;<br> <br> (Has the stars problem been reported to &quot;Bugs&quot;&nbsp;section? ).&nbsp;
You're welcome. It is very cool to see how kids can view a project and how much pure joy they can get from it. Almost makes you wonder why we lose that as we get older. I look forward to seeing the new pictures when you get them posted.<br><br>(I emailed about the ratings 10 days ago along with a couple other issues. I got a reply that they were working on the bugs, but I didn't want to follow up and be a thorn.... couldn't hurt for someone else to say something).
Well, I discovered that I hadn't lost that as I got older, I had just buried it a bit.....it was great fun all around for the both of us. :-)

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