Step 2: Trailer Conversion

Picture of Trailer Conversion
I found a sturdy little cargo trailer with a heavy duty frame and tongue. The first step was to cut off the box with a reciprocating saw and grinder. I intended to save the wiring harness and lights but they proved to be outdated and fairly ratty.
First rule of trailers: All existing trailer lights and wiring harnesses are ratty, :(
xanxor3 years ago
Can you provide any more info on how you tied the box to the trailer?

I'm planing on build a large 20x8 one of these to actually live in.
paleotool (author)  xanxor3 years ago
It is through-bolted from the sub-floor inside and connected with "L" shape brackets around the frame that bolt through the side of the box. I think it would be better to weld a few square stell uprights into the front and rear of the trailer frame and bolt the front and rear walls directly to these to prevent any movement.
Thank you mighty.
Delirieuse3 years ago
What size trailer did you use? Was it a standard 6' x 4'?
paleotool (author)  Delirieuse3 years ago
No, I forget the actual measurements but it is about 4'8" x 6. It was custom built for a specific hauling job and, as I understand it, essentially cut down from a larger size but lifted to ride level with a land cruiser.
Neat, good to know. Thanks.