Step 2: Terminology

Picture of terminology
ok just going to run over some terminology I have learned from the various distiller forums and community's.

Wash or Mash : the mix of sugar / fruit / vegetables / grain, yeast water and nutrients which is fermented to produce your starting alcohol. in beer making its called wort.

SG : Specific gravity, this is measured using a hydrometer using this you can calculator your starting ABV from that you can work out how much you will finally get.

ABV : alcohol by volume, measured using a alcohol meter, it can be calculated using the SG click here for a calculator

The Column : this is the 54mm (2 inch) copper pipe we will be using, you can use other sizes but I will be using this.

The Head : this is the top part of the column which holds the plates and condenser coil, this could be made separately from the main part of the column but for mine I am making them all part of the same piece.

Boka : this is just a short term for Bokakob Still, which comes from the original designer of this method.