This entryway is quick to build and can be used to showcase simple entryway models. In just 6 easy steps, you will have built the model shown in this graphic.

1 16x16 peg base piece
2 lego window pieces
1 lego door piece
7 blue 2x4 peg lego pieces
6 blue 2x2 peg lego pieces
1 blue 2x6 peg lego piece
1 blue 2x8 peg lego piece
1 red 2x6 peg lego piece
1 red 2x4 peg lego piece
1 red 1x8 peg lego piece
1 red 1x4 peg lego piece
1 black 1x4 peg lego piece (flat)(optional)

Step 1: Step 1: the Base

A solid base is sets up a foundation upon which a firm model can be built. I used a 16x16 peg base.

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