Picture of Building a Lego Entryway
This entryway is quick to build and can be used to showcase simple entryway models. In just 6 easy steps, you will have built the model shown in this graphic.

1 16x16 peg base piece
2 lego window pieces
1 lego door piece
7 blue 2x4 peg lego pieces
6 blue 2x2 peg lego pieces
1 blue 2x6 peg lego piece
1 blue 2x8 peg lego piece
1 red 2x6 peg lego piece
1 red 2x4 peg lego piece
1 red 1x8 peg lego piece
1 red 1x4 peg lego piece
1 black 1x4 peg lego piece (flat)(optional)

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Step 1: Step 1: The Base

Picture of Step 1: The Base
A solid base is sets up a foundation upon which a firm model can be built. I used a 16x16 peg base.

Step 2: Step 2: The Entryway's Foundation

Picture of Step 2: The Entryway's Foundation
The foundation is the true first step to finishing this entryway model. It should be as wide as your entire model will be. I used two pieces: a 2x6 and a 2x8 peg piece. The step goes under the location of the door, it is optional.

Step 3: Step 3: The Door

Picture of Step 3: The Door
This step is perhaps the simplest; add a door. I places mine 4 pegs from the left. Fill up to 2 blocks from the foundation around the door.

Step 4: Step 4: Windows

Picture of Step 4: Windows
In step 3 you filled in 2 block lengths, this serves to mark the height of the windows. I have added two windows and filled in up to one block height above the door. This will be the total height of the wall.

Step 5: Step 5: The Roof

Picture of Step 5: The Roof
Place blocks along the top of the entryway (I used red blocks), and you will have installed the roof of the model! You'll notice that I left the 4 pegs above the door just out 1 peg. This is the awning over the door. On my model, there is an unstaggered gap in the legos from the bottom of the right side of the door, leading up to the roof.

The two pieces to the right of my model will fill in the rest of the roof, and stagger the connection. This will ensure a little more stability in my model.