Picture of Building a Lego MP3 Player
I saw a couple of USB drives with Lego casing and thought I'd give it a go. On my search for a cheap drive to hack open I found this very cheap MP3 player, and boldly thought, "Wow, that'll be even better!"

Different to the flash drives, this needed buttons and a headphone socket. Plus an annoyingly large battery.

Step 1: Materials and stuff

The MP3 player was an amazingly cheap £4.97. Unfortunately that meant it was rather large and didn't have many features, but it works.

I also needed:
- Four lego bricks (two 1x4s and two 2x4s) and several lego "plates" i.e. flat pieces for the base
- Super Glue
- Hot Glue
- A mini drill or similar for sanding down / cutting up the bricks
- Sand paper
- A solder iron and solder
- Good lighting helps
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knakamoto2 years ago
You should make a cover for the jack... >.>
128MB?! That's so little room. My iPod is 2GB!!!!!! Yeah, I should remember when I had this "cheapy" Mp3 Player that was only 256MB including system and data.
2GB? how can you live with that? I have a 32gb and thats filling up already.
pretty sweet, but i wish there was a screen. you should experiment and try to put a screen on it. it looks like a colby, my brother has one
TSC5 years ago
Sweet goood job 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 it should be LP3
mattccc5 years ago
nice job
marffy6 years ago
pretty cool, to bad there is no screen
Tenei's Mp3 Players qe pueden tener un TB.
Das ist so geil, ich will's mal jetzt aufbauen. Aber ich habe die richtige teile nicht um es alles zu schaffen.
I was just reading these comments and there so funny. One song I'd put in the Mp3 in When Dory does the whale language. Ich lach mich tot.
I like to move it move. I like to "Move it!"
Hmm, legoooo. Coooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, Lego can be build to a Mp3. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I downloaded this Lego Mp3 Player in Adobe Reader and it's so cool. Where the heck can I get the Mp3 chip?! I love building. "Oh baby. Oh baby oh I'm gonna do somethin' freaky to you. oh yeah" is one of my favorite songs.
dadoman6 years ago
mplego asd!
it's a coby 128 mb, 20 $ usd, i shouldd know, i have the same exact one
i have one just like it but it's a gig
what mp3 player is this and who much did it cosy
Kaiven7 years ago
oohooooohohoooo...i have a cheap mp3 player with a cold( it's definetly not a virus) and i might try this :) thanks for the idea. Oh, and you could make a lego speaker, so that you can build a lego house with a huge radio and speaker. :P
is it a sansa. my sansa is a piece of crap. the volume buttons keep on breaking!!!!! Makes me mad! I threw it out and got a zen vision w from amazon for $280 (after discontinue)
mitxela (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
Lego speaker... that'd actually be pretty awesome. I'll do that some time.
ferrari4847 years ago
I like it man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it would look kinda cool if you had it in a altoids gum tin
mitxela (author)  HIGHVOLTAGE-Z8 years ago
That'd kinda defeat the point, methinks.
mp3 brick
can you buy one in the us?
mitxela (author)  learningmaster8 years ago
Probably... try looking on ebay.
Hullo there! YAy, it's really cool. Unfortunately I just got a new mp3 player and have no time to make something like this:(...how about calling it iBrick?
themaster8 years ago
hey me again. I just read all comments and I was wondering if any of you know where i can get a cheap MP3 in Vancouver, BC? Please respond.
mitxela (author)  themaster8 years ago
Well, here (the UK) they're selling them for £4.97 in Tesco, which is actually cheaper than a USB flash drive of the same size! For everyone else, though, there's quite a few going for ~$10 on ebay, if you wade through all the headphones and cases and chargers and what-have-you.
themaster8 years ago
this project is totally awesome. Where can i get a really cheap MP3?
Yer those mp3 players are ace, i used 1 in a pez usb stick i made, had to do away with the mp3 capabilites due to space issues. I will probs try again and make the full pez mp3 player and post the results on here. out.
paulgeering8 years ago
Turns out some stores still have them. Still at 4.97 GBP.
paulgeering8 years ago
Before even opening your instructable page i knew, from the tiny thumbnail picture, exactly where you had purchased your mp3 player. the three buttons are a dead give away. Also I see you were clever enough to wait until the price went down to 4.97. I have 3 of them, two of which may appear in some modified form on this site in the near future. Brilliant work. From a good idea to a good instructable. Perfect pictures, can't fault it in any way. Well done.
where did he get it from?
He got them from TESCO (Biggest supermarket chain in UK). At least I hope so, otherwise my last post makes me look a bit stupid. If you live near a TESCO, don't bother rushing down there to get one (or more) of these. They were a limited stock special offer. Now the cheapest mp3 players i the shop are around 15 GBP but they are superior in many ways. (they have an lcd screen, normal sized headphone socket, better button layout and the ability to record).
I looked and saw them on the site, why are they still there?
I was just going on what my local store had in stock. If you want to pay for the shipping then try ordering one/some from their website. Let us know how you get on.
mitxela (author)  paulgeering8 years ago
Yay, thanks. It's my first instructable :D I was thinking of going back and buying more, and building them into other stuff.
PetervG8 years ago
So where'd you get it? What's it called?
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