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UPDATE: I've been super busy taking part in Dallas Red Bull Flugtag. I am part of Team Dworks.!/pages/The-Down-to-Earth-Dworks/454064038017699

So you have decided to take the final step to embracing the force. Does your path follow the Light or the Dark side? (I hear the dark side has cookies).

What ever side you are on, what follows is how to make a Duel-Worthy Lightsabre. That means, you should be able to wield this sword and bash it against things and other lightsabers with little fear of actually breaking the lightsaber. You may end up breaking other things, but the lightsaber will remain intact.*

Total cost of this project is $60 to $1,000 USD. The wide range in cost all depends of how crazy you get with your design. The cost of lightsaber I built for this instructable is about $160.

The Video: 

NOTE 1: This Instructable is very TEXT intensive.

NOTE 2: Most of the parts used in this tutorial came from The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS). I am not affiliated or employed with them. I am just a customer.

* The author of this instructable is not responsible for property damage, personal injury, amputation of limbs, decapitation, and/or death resulting from the building and use of the lightsaber prop. All legal responsibility or resulting civil action due to said property damage, personal injury, amputation of limbs, decapitation, and or death belongs solely to the builder. The author is also not responsible for anyone falling into the Dark Side. The author will also not be held responsible if an agent of the Dark side decides to fry you with lightning coming out of his/her fingertips*
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Step 1: Gallery - My Past Creations

Picture of Gallery - My Past Creations
These were my past creations and experiments.
I used to own a 7x12 metal lathe. 
I sold the lathe
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RMP20038 days ago


MrTinkerer (author)  RMP2003yesterday


MatthewS1713 days ago

This is very helpful, but I am curious as to what LED you used in the crystal chamber? I would also love to see a picture layout or diagram of how all of that was powered together along with the crystal chamber.

Also, how did you fry the battery?

Luziviech11 months ago

hey, dude,
(can't get rid off this ible, one of my faves for years now) - Any recommendations for lenghts of hilt and blade for a double-bladed light-sabre?

MrTinkerer (author)  Luziviech26 days ago

Hey man, You are too kind. Thank you for chiming in and helping people out in here with this instructable. Sorry I have been away.

no prob dude. My actual problem with the lightsaber is findin someone who can drill me some inch-fitting into an alu-tube. But if i ever get it managed, i'll let you know.
MrTinkerer (author)  Luziviech22 days ago

can you send me a picture of what you need done? I'm not sure I understand.

SantaB9 months ago

I have two soundboards currently. I have one from a 1995 Luke Skywalker and one from a 2008? Obi-wan (actually the exact one in your picture). They worked great when inside the hilts. They even worked when I got the cases half way off. But as soon as I got the boards, and other parts, out and wired to a AA battery holder, neither work.

I am really only after the sound and could care less about the light (which both wired to a standard flash light bulb socket, no LEDs in these cheapy things). Seeing this and other Forum posts about this shows me I am wiring the correct wires to the battery holder. Ideas why the boards are dead now and what I can test?

MrTinkerer (author)  SantaB26 days ago

Either something shorted out or you over-powered it. I killed a Hasbro board by overpowering it. The either put a resistor between your battery and your sound board or buy a voltage regulator that will drop the voltage down to 5 volts. Also, route the electricity going to your LED parallel to your sound board. Do not connect your LED in series with your sound board. The LED draws too much current and can overload the sound board.

Roland S6 months ago

where do you buy the crystals

MrTinkerer (author)  Roland S26 days ago

ebay. i purchased a bunch of quartz with "points". people sell them in lots. You want to get a bunch because out of a handful only several are the corect size and shape.

Roland S3 months ago

I am getting a lathe and what kind of metal did you use for the hilt.

MrTinkerer (author)  Roland S26 days ago

Sorry for late reply. 3 feet (36 inches) was ideal for me.

MrTinkerer (author) 26 days ago

Hi everyone. Sorry, i have been away. Life has been very hectic. I'll try to check in more.

I need a ultrasound2.5 pcb
jntinker4 months ago

sorry a little late to the party but where did you get the blade end cap? I cant find it any where.

Roland S jntinker3 months ago

I found one on The Custom Saber Shop. What size do you need?

gunman156 months ago


I wish It was Not that much Money Though Its cool But........Expensive

How exactly did you wire the soundboard and LEDs without overpowering the soundboard? It was slightly unclear in the instruction. I have a MR that I'm converting and I want to keep the soundboard but I'm using the same set up as you, Tri-Rebel LEDs.

xcuddles11 months ago

I'm 100% not savy with lights and the electric part of this! Is there anyway to commission one? A simple one without sound? There's an anime that uses light saber esq weapons, but I'm more of a wood worker!!

Luziviech xcuddles11 months ago

It's all in the ible yet; Steps 9-10. All you need is a star platine with hi-power leds with a big output, a lense with ~15° angle, a switch, that buckpuck-transformator and sum batteries. The LEDs are industrial soldered stuff, so all you need to do is to wire (solder) the rest of the components. And soldering in the end is nothin more than heatin up sum connection joints and glueing with tin. Check youtube, if you still got probs.

I don't have any real exp with electronics either, though i know to build a circuit with a battery, bulb and switch (and there are sum pretty easy-to-understand maths for A and V). It's pretty simple in the end. Just search the net for "led" in comination with "star" and you'll find sum shops who provide these platines and normally also got fitting lenses. I think mine were bout ~20€ for three of these packs.

xcuddles Luziviech11 months ago

Yes, these instructions are great, but I honestly don't trust myself very much. I may be able to get some help from my uncle to make it, but long story short, I'd prefer not to. If push came to shove, I could probably make one, even if it wasn't entire correct, but I'd prefer to pay+tip anyone who has experience and knows what they are doing.

MrTinkerer (author)  xcuddles11 months ago

Life has me super busy, but I sent you a message...

If you are super busy, I don't want to be any trouble! I can try to manage it! I'm not completely incompitent with building things , I just don't trust myself very much!

xana1 year ago
anyone consider using this one?
Luziviech xana1 year ago

i dunno. But the output dun seem too much: 45lm - and if don't get it wrong, then there's only one led on the star, tho a RGB; color changing one. I'm planning to make contact staff/juggling tool according to this ible and i bought 3 of these plus prism-adapters:

i mean, check this ible for what MrTinkerer took:

Each Rebel I think puts out 130 lumen at 700 mAmp

wdash1 year ago

where did you get those awesome goggles?!

tkillick1 year ago
can you duel with it? now that would be cool.
MrTinkerer (author)  tkillick1 year ago
Yes, yes I can duel with it. The blade is 1 inch outer diameter with a .75 inch inner diameter polycarbonate. That is 1/8 inch wall polycarbonate and has a lot of mass. Dueling against a one inch wood dowel, i am sure I can break the wood dowel with my lightsaber.
Created two designs at tcss if you would like to see pics reply
i am confused, the sabers shown were made by you with a metal lathe, if i can make some of the pieces on the custom saber shop with a lathe that would be awesome!
ok how do you make the crystal chamber because i cant find out how you did it
MrTinkerer (author)  heliophobiant1 year ago
I took apart a dead hard drive and a dead CD drive. I took the center motor of the CD drive and stacked metal on top to make a pillar to hold the crystal. I found a clear tube big enough to contain the pillar and crystal. The crysal chamber is really a collection of broken junk (motors, drives, bits of wire) glued together. The only new thing in it is the piece of quartz in the middle.
pmial2 years ago
MrTinkerer : how can i buy you one of these wonderfull lightsaber ?

i'm from France ;)
could you guide me through the el wire lightsaber as i only have 50$ and can pull it off if i use el wire
i have a spyder kryton wicked's more realistic than that lightsaber
JoeWraith2 years ago
Whoa nice!
zytyxx2 years ago
"The author is also not responsible for anyone falling into the Dark Side. The author will also not be held responsible if an agent of the Dark side decides to fry you with lightning coming out of his/her fingertips"

Mr. Tinkerer, you have just been marked as an assassination target by the great Emperor Palpatine for renunciation of the Dark Side.

jk lol. :)
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