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So you have decided to take the final step to embracing the force. Does your path follow the Light or the Dark side? (I hear the dark side has cookies).

What ever side you are on, what follows is how to make a Duel-Worthy Lightsabre. That means, you should be able to wield this sword and bash it against things and other lightsabers with little fear of actually breaking the lightsaber. You may end up breaking other things, but the lightsaber will remain intact.*

Total cost of this project is $60 to $1,000 USD. The wide range in cost all depends of how crazy you get with your design. The cost of lightsaber I built for this instructable is about $160.

The Video: 

NOTE 1: This Instructable is very TEXT intensive.

NOTE 2: Most of the parts used in this tutorial came from The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS). I am not affiliated or employed with them. I am just a customer.

* The author of this instructable is not responsible for property damage, personal injury, amputation of limbs, decapitation, and/or death resulting from the building and use of the lightsaber prop. All legal responsibility or resulting civil action due to said property damage, personal injury, amputation of limbs, decapitation, and or death belongs solely to the builder. The author is also not responsible for anyone falling into the Dark Side. The author will also not be held responsible if an agent of the Dark side decides to fry you with lightning coming out of his/her fingertips*
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Step 1: Gallery - My Past Creations

These were my past creations and experiments.
I used to own a 7x12 metal lathe. 
I sold the lathe
xcuddles1 hour ago

I'm 100% not savy with lights and the electric part of this! Is there anyway to commission one? A simple one without sound? There's an anime that uses light saber esq weapons, but I'm more of a wood worker!!

xana3 months ago
anyone consider using this one?
Luziviech xana1 month ago

i dunno. But the output dun seem too much: 45lm - and if don't get it wrong, then there's only one led on the star, tho a RGB; color changing one. I'm planning to make contact staff/juggling tool according to this ible and i bought 3 of these plus prism-adapters:

i mean, check this ible for what MrTinkerer took:

Each Rebel I think puts out 130 lumen at 700 mAmp

wdash2 months ago

where did you get those awesome goggles?!

tkillick6 months ago
can you duel with it? now that would be cool.
MrTinkerer (author)  tkillick5 months ago
Yes, yes I can duel with it. The blade is 1 inch outer diameter with a .75 inch inner diameter polycarbonate. That is 1/8 inch wall polycarbonate and has a lot of mass. Dueling against a one inch wood dowel, i am sure I can break the wood dowel with my lightsaber.
shotgunshane8 months ago
Created two designs at tcss if you would like to see pics reply
shotgunshane8 months ago
i am confused, the sabers shown were made by you with a metal lathe, if i can make some of the pieces on the custom saber shop with a lathe that would be awesome!
heliophobiant11 months ago
ok how do you make the crystal chamber because i cant find out how you did it
MrTinkerer (author)  heliophobiant11 months ago
I took apart a dead hard drive and a dead CD drive. I took the center motor of the CD drive and stacked metal on top to make a pillar to hold the crystal. I found a clear tube big enough to contain the pillar and crystal. The crysal chamber is really a collection of broken junk (motors, drives, bits of wire) glued together. The only new thing in it is the piece of quartz in the middle.
pmial1 year ago
MrTinkerer : how can i buy you one of these wonderfull lightsaber ?

i'm from France ;)
could you guide me through the el wire lightsaber as i only have 50$ and can pull it off if i use el wire
i have a spyder kryton wicked's more realistic than that lightsaber
JoeWraith1 year ago
Whoa nice!
zytyxx1 year ago
"The author is also not responsible for anyone falling into the Dark Side. The author will also not be held responsible if an agent of the Dark side decides to fry you with lightning coming out of his/her fingertips"

Mr. Tinkerer, you have just been marked as an assassination target by the great Emperor Palpatine for renunciation of the Dark Side.

jk lol. :)
nevia1 year ago
Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to use block comments in LEd? I would like to insert % signs in front of a series of rows in one time.
darthdredge4 years ago
How much does all of this cost?
It can range from 75 to 200 dollars depending if you have accessories on. It can also depend on the quality and where you buy it. For example, Lowe's sell the sink tube for 10 dollars and the Home Depot sells the tube for 7 dollars.
It took three years for someone to reply to my comment...
easily the funniest comment on instructables... :)
well, 2 days ago
i signed up 3 days ago
dude were can u get the lightsaber u created?????
SG1Oniell2 years ago
You do know there's a free pdf published that shows the board in extreme detail right? Blurring it at this point doesn't accomplish anything, although its thoughtful of you to do so.
sup3rj3d!2 years ago
Did you use a 350 mA BuckPuck, i found a 350 mA, 500, and a 700 mA and what store did you buy them too?
MrTinkerer (author)  sup3rj3d!2 years ago
i used 700 mA. The way i have it wired up and the voltage I am supplying, each LEd is getting around 620-650 mA. It all depends on what your LED needs. If your LED works best at 350 mA, buy that buck puck, if it can tolerate 700 mA, buy that. Please read your LED whitepaper for mA requirements.
I am speechless with the awe of you skill as a craftsman......
MrTinkerer (author)  SnakesOfDeath2 years ago
Thank u
87Jarod2 years ago
Can you tell me how to get ahold of those parts for yours ( the brighest/ KOOLEST one) and it cost about 160??? How much would it cost me to buy that one from you cuase I want one of those soon for halloween please reply soon :D ty :D
MrTinkerer (author)  87Jarod2 years ago
there was a lot of time spent on ebay for the right deal. The hardest part it the sound. happened upon a used MR FX saber for $30. The next hardest is the LED. Can't get it anymore. Best solution is 3 white rebels at about 600 lumens. Then use a colored filter. White LED is about $18. I dont really want to part with my lightsaber, Sorry.
ty any ways :)
MrTinkerer (author)  87Jarod2 years ago
If sound is not the main focus and brightness is, here is what u do: Get a brass sink tube at hardware store ($9), Sink tube adapter at TCSS and blade holder ($6 and $25), 3-up Rebel star white and optics from luxeonstar ($30 for 600 lumen), blade from ultrasaber ($19, thanks memoriable), sound board from cheap hasbro toy ($20), battery pack and buck puck ($30).

Total $139.

Use color filters to change the white to what ever color you want. my super bright pure green  lightsaber is pumping out around 360 lumens, the white star can put out 600 lumen.
tinker2342 years ago
hey could i make a working one using plasma in the handle that came out of liltle holes in the blade that retracts so a real dnagreas lightsaber i love the waring
Hey tinker234,
MrTinkerer is right on, we currently don't have a reasonable way to build a lightsaber.
If you'd like, you can check out an article I wrote all about it here: Real Lightsabers
using high tech ceramics you can have the clash
thanks you know a magnetic field can hold a stable plasma maybe the light club perhaps it is possable
MrTinkerer (author)  tinker2342 years ago
why not
MrTinkerer (author)  tinker2342 years ago
Because there is currently no plasma generating and containment technology that is small enough to fit in a hilt. Also, plasma has a very localized effective area, the longest plasma "cone" is less than 10 inches long and the machine that makes it is probably the size of fridge. Plasma also requires a constant stream of high pressure gas. When the gas is used up, the plasma stops.


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