Step 10: 8. Assemble the Recovery System

Picture of 8.	Assemble the Recovery System
The parachute is what allows the rocket to return to the ground in a safe fashion.  After the shock cord has been attached the parachute can also be tied to the nose cone.

8.1  Use the modeling knife to cut out the perforated hole at the bottom of the Nose Cone.

8.2. Untangle the Parachute and find the 3 loops at the bottom of the attachment points.

8.3. Pull these loops through the hole in the nose cone.

8.4. Pull the Parachute cords through the Nose Cone and insert the parachute through the loops.

8.5. Pull the Slip knot tight.

8.6. Tie the unattached end of the Shock Chord to the Nose Cone using a double knot.

8.7. Make sure the knot is placed towards the bottom of the nose cone to ensure clearance of the Nose Cone into the Body Tube.