Step 11: 9. Load the Recovery System

Picture of 9.	Load the Recovery System
full rocket.JPG
After the rocket engine has fired for a sufficient amount of time it launches a charge that pops the nosecone off and deploys the parachute.  To protect the parachute wadding (sold separately) is packed between the rocket motor and the parachute.

9.1. Carefully place 7 to 8 wadded up pieces of paper into the top of the Body Tube in a loose configuration.

9.2. Straighten out the parachute by tugging at the center of the parachute till it lays flat.

9.3. Fold the parachute in half by folding the center part of the parachute.

9.4. Roll the parachute up to the center from both sides.

9.5. Wrap the parachute lines around the rolled parachute loosely.

9.6. Insert the parachute into the top of the tube.

9.7. Pack the shock cord into the top of the Body Tube and then insert the nose cone into the top of the Body Tube.

9.8. You may paint your rocket any color you choose.  We chose to leave ours unpainted for a more retro look.
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