Step 3: 1. Assemble The Engine Mount

Picture of 1.	Assemble The Engine Mount
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The following steps detail how to assemble the engine mount.  The engine mount is what attaches the rocket motor to the body tube of the rocket.

1.1. Mark three lines on the engine tube at ½ in, 1 ¼ in, and 2 ½ from either end of the tube (This end will be the bottom).

1.2. At the 2 ½ in mark, make a 1/8th in slit in the Engine Mount Tube with a modeling knife along the circumference of the tube.

1.3. Apply glue all the way around the Engine Mount Tube on the measured 1 1/4th in mark.

1.4. Insert the right angle end of the Engine Hook into the slit made in (1.2), lay the hook flat against the tube and glue.

1.5. Slide the Mylar Ring over the Engine Mount Tube and Engine Hook and onto the glue line.

1.6. Apply glue to the inside of the Engine Mount Tube on the side opposite of the Engine Hook and insert the Green Engine Block, open end into the tube.

1.7. Cut out the Centering rings.

1.8. Slide the Centering Rings over the Engine Mount Tube and align the ring with the notch at the ½ in line, and the ring without the notch at the very top of the tube.

1.9. Apply glue to both sides of both Centering Rings at their aligned positions.