Step 9: 7. Attach the Shock Cord

Picture of 7.	Attach the Shock Cord
shock cord 2.JPG
The shock cord is what attaches the nose cone to the body tube.  This is necessary so that the parachute can deploy.

7.1. Cut out the Shock Cord mount template located on the Rocket Kit’s provided instruction Manual

7.2. Alternatively, cut out a 2” x .75” rectangular piece of paper.

7.3. Glue one end of the Shock Cord to the center of the template (#2), with the shock cord aligned with the long edge of the template.

7.4. Fold up the end of the template (#1) over the shock cord.

7.5. Fold the #2 & #1 section over the Shock Cord and #3 section and glue.

7.6. Place the folded paper and shock cord under something heavy and allow the glue to set. Make sure to protect the heavy object with paper products.

7.7. Apply additional glue to one side of the shock cord packet and place it at least 1 ½” inside to the inner surface of the Body Tube from the top.This must be glued at least this far into the tube or else the Nose cone will not fit into the Body Tube.

7.8. Hold until the glue sets.