I build myself a "One sheet boat" like Vegra did http://www.instructables.com/member/Verga/

but with some minor changes as seen on the last pages

(btw: please ignore my grammar etc etc)

Step 1: First one of my changes

My first change was that I cut down the Support frame from Vegras Original 32 inches to nearly 28 because i was to afraid that the plywood will break
<p>Thank you VM, congratulations for you. It is a good choice an improved version of this boat style.</p>
i wana make an 8foot would it be the same other then adding more length <br>
I have been inspired by this and if all goes well I along with the local barony (S.C.A.) will be building a 2 section,30ft viking long ship based on this concept. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll post pics if we do it. ;b
Hi Guys,<br><br>the video i had is not really a testing video so i wil make a new if the weather is getting better.<br><br>Sorry for the wait <br><br>Best regards<br>Lars<br><br>PS.: Diy-Guy + Macrumpton, the video will be on youtube thats the most common i think.
i would also like to see a video please
JP Armor:<br>Do you know how to download a video in a .pdf file? I think these instructions are great to have filed away on the computer, PDF files are easy to keep, search, and even print. Video is a bit less friendly to file and find.
Probably better to put the video on youtube and just link to it.
Good Idea! How about putting two side by side for a simple catamaran!
My dad and I have being wanting to build a boat for a long tom and now I think I've found one that will work. GREAT INSTRUCTABLE :)
I have followed your example and built a similar boat, extending the length by just over a foot and adding bulkheads forward and aft for storage/floatation, should be finished in a week or two, cant wait to get out on the water, cheers for the inspiration!<br>
Nice nice, <br>i would love to see that in a instructable :)
Just writing one up the now, going to epoxy the hull this weekend! :-)
very well done.
please could you do a video of how it reacts in the water because I would like to see that...I'm considering to build one on my own but I'm not yet definitive about the design....
I will see if i have time to do so
I'm looking forward
my father taught us how to built canoes out of a single sheet of marine ply by slitting one end of the sheet down the middle far enough down to make the bow (or both ends if you want a double bow) then lay the sheet in the sun and put wet hessian bags over the bow section. It will curl up from the humidity. Then a piece of timber cut to shape was nailed in to the bow and same for the stern. Strips of timber nailed along the free board for rigidity and they where very strong and light. Carried them literally for miles to the nearest dam when we couldn't get a ride.
doggsboddy: This is really interesting. We would like to hear more. <br>I guess that you didn't just slit the end of the ply, but you cut two tips (like the M letter in the McDonald's sign) so when they curve the two tips come together. <br>But it is my guess. <br>Lazarus441= great instructable and great work. Thanks a lot.
Sounds interesting. Any way you could do an instructable on that. I would be interested in learning how you built your canoes.
Please show us what you mean!!!
That sounds VERY interesting. Could you make an instructable of that? I would love to see it in action.
Boat is great. My only complaint is you used machine tools to produce parts for this that most people can not afford. You should have done the complete project with minimal expensive tooling.
So I am asking you this, if YOU had the tools to do the job, would you use em? or would you &quot;do it by hand because some poorer folks don't have access to a mill&quot;....
If I did it, I would use all the expensive tools, and have some migrant workers do the build for me. When it was finished, I would dress up in some farmer overalls, tell everyone I built it with a nail file, and a handful of dirt, and take pictures of the aforementioned nail file and dirt to post on here. <br> <br>btw, nice boat.
Nice. Migrant workers need work too. I wish I could afford the migrant work, let alone the tools. I may have to hop the border to Canada for work seasonally to afford the Southern migrant worker so I can afford to make the boat. <br> <br>Any suggestions for the propellor attachment
The milling steps could be done with a table saw, or set up a jig and make the cuts with a regular circular saw.
I really like your instructible, great job!<br><br>I was thinking about tweaking the design a bit to make it a square back so I can use my 2hp motor.<br><br>Anyone have any thoughts on that?
Nice boat, Im swithering whether to build something like this for fishing or a sit-on kayak. I much prefer working with wood, sure my flatmates would rather I used wood rather than foam insulation and fibreglass, just not sure which would weigh less as may have a bit of a carry to fish some lochs. Have you a pic of it with a person in it or did you do some displacement calcs? Cheers!
Really nice, how much does it weigh? A picture in the water would be great.
i have been thinking of replacing my little canoe that i use for fishing, since it got holes shot in it by some mean person, and is kept afloat with duct tape. this looks like a great alternative! excellent project. enter it in the Epilog Challenge, i will give full marks.
Heat your boat up carefully with a blow torch and then put on the duct tape. It'll hold a lot better. Just don't burn a hole in your boat.
The boat is aluminum, so that might not work. i will probably rivet some little patches over the holes, and patch the rest with fiberglass.
They have a muffler repair kit that has some JB weld type stuff and some screening. Put that over the holes inside and out and it should hold tight.
yeah, i have some of that stuff. its called Bondo. might use it also
If the holes are small it could be welded, use a steel sheet behind it the al filler will not stick to steel
thanks for the idea, but i already patched it. i used some thin steel and small rivets to seal the holes, and then i used Bondo Auto-body filler to patch up around the edges, and smooth the outside. there were about a dozen holes, all large caliber, with jagged edges pointing out from the hull, so i had to hammer them flat and sand the rest. works fine so far, with no detectable leaks. <br>
great job, really professional looking,, <br> <br>do you think a sail could be some how rigged to the boat? could floatation foam be added to the bow and stern?
@ vincent7520 and brooklynlord <br>I was thinking about stainless steel screws but then decided otherwise because they where to expensive for the little amount that i needed and in my opinion brass looking screws would be better for the overall look of the boat.<br><br><br>@ vincent7520 again<br>The screws you can see are only for the look. the shine post on the outside are only glued with the sika and screwed from the inside. Also the acrylyc paint seals them a little.<br> <br><br>Btw @ Hangfire I need to edit, they are galvanized .<br><br><br>@ billbillt<br>I tried one stem post at my table saw but the cut was to inaccurate for me, also i had trouble setting the angles up. So i decided to use the mill for a stressless building even thoug the mill died in between because on fuse was lose and we searched for the error for nearly 2 hours<br><br><br>@ KingOfCatfish <br>Okay i will but till then i can tell you about it when i was testriding it:<br>First of all i tried to sitting positions, one on the knees one sitting on the butt.<br>All along it was all wobbly in sitting and kneeing(i preffered kneeing, it felt a bit less shaky). the water line stood, with my 100 kgs in the middel of the side height. I asked a befreinded Boatbuilder what i can do about the shakyness and he advised to add a keel, which i will do in the summer time. <br><br>Did i forget a question?<br><br>Best regards Lars<br><br>
Very nice work.<br>Seamanlike.<br>and excellent carpentry &hellip;<br>Much much better than the one you took your inspiration from ! ;)<br><br>Only minor question : why didn't you use stainless screw for you transom post ?&hellip;<br><br>Best wishes
Nice work.
Check out &quot;Hannu's Boatyard&quot;, http://koti.kapsi.fi/hvartial/<br>Lots of very easy to build boats, 1 sheet, 1 and a half sheet (the Portuguese Style Dinghy&quot; is awesome, I built two), and 2+ sheet boats.
What a nice job! Wish I had built something like that with my Dad.
Great Father &amp; Son project, you and your Dad did some real nice work on it.
Brass screws... are you sure?<br><br>If this is going to be used in seawater, then i suggest changing the screws. Unless the screws are made from 464 naval brass / naval bronze, they will corrode.
those arent brass i dont think, i think theyre regular galvanized...
I love your work, it turned out wonderfully! I was wondering if you would uploading a picture of this boat in the water with someone in it. I'm considering building one and would love to see how well the displacement is and if I could carry just a little bit of gear in it. Thank you very much for any help and/or information you are able to share!
<br> Great instructable! Cutting a Stem Rabbet with a Mill is a new<br>one on me.
@ Vegra:<br><br>thanks for the nice words :) <br>I you all suggest i should enter the contest then i will do it. <br>The boat doesnt have a name yet and that is with a reason. I want to add a keel because when i was testriding it it was all shaky because of the smaller width.<br><br> @ ilpug<br><br> I&acute;ve got some leftover Sikaflex.. if you want i can send them to you :)<br><br>@ all <br><br>also thanks for the nice words :)<br><br>Best regards Lars
Having built a boat before I know how hard doing a good job can be ( I did only a so so job and hid it with paint!). your boat reminds me of a one sheet boat called the wacky lassie - the link is here- there are some good tips on that page as well.<br><br>http://www.alaska.net/~fritzf/Boats/Wacky_Lassie/Wacky_Lassie.htm<br><br>Over all a great build and nice outcome!

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