Step 3: Cutting the Sides and Bottom

Picture of Cutting the Sides and Bottom
One sheet boat 005.jpg
Use the Tape measure and measure in from each of the side factory edges 12". Do it on both sides and both ends. I marked it using a sharpie so it would show up in the pictures. Next set it on top of the 2 2x4's leaveing a gap of 3-4 inches.

Set your Circular saw so that it just cuts through your ply and does not cut into your work surface.

Run it down both lines so that you have two strips 12 inches wide and 1 piece that is about 23 1/2 inches wide (You wil need to measure yours for the next step).
paulie90264 years ago
Quick tip for you....if you cut all of your plywood parts on a sheet of 2 inch board insulation, your work surface doesn't have to suffer. Trust me..I learned this on the hard way!
Verga (author)  paulie90264 years ago
Good tip.
I just layed mine on 2 2x4'sand set the circular saw depth for 1/2 inch.
But your method will give it more stability.