Ok, I blame this one on my mother. She saw somewhere online this idea of taking an old piano and creating a bookshelf. She sent that idea to my wife, who forwarded the idea onto me.

My wife then jumps onto CraigsList to find a free piano. And of course, she finds one.

Now, before the Piano Police show up and give me flack for doing what I did, the piano was free because it was damaged, the sound board was split, the keyboard was missing and it looked like it had been someplace a little leaky.  So we moved it out of their house onto our trailer and brought it home.

The first step was removing the harp. Almost 300 pounds of cast iron.  We loosened all the strings to get at all the bolts and unbolted and pried the harp off the piano.  The harp was donated to an artist who wanted to use it as a rose trellis.  

1 FREE grand piano in poor-non functioning condition
Assorted screws and TimberLock® screws. (amazing self drilling long screws. used in deck building!)
Wood glue

Tools for dis-assembly:
small sledge hammer
various wrenches and ratchets
flat blade screwdriver

Tools for building:
Table saw
Compound miter saw
Circular saw
Jig Saw
Finish nailer
Screw gun

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Step 1: Bringing the case inside.

Without the harp, the case is a lot lighter. Not easy but manageable with two people.  You can see the close up of the water damage, the piano was a Marshall and Wendell built in Albany NY.  It had seen better days...

Step 2: Removing the sounding board

This was kind of crashy bashy time. From the bottom of the piano, we knocked the soundboard out. It was already split in a few places and warped, so it didn't need much help.

Step 3: Cleanup and sanding.

Picture of Cleanup and sanding.
It looks to me that the original finish of the interior was shellac, it sanded off quite easily and years of dirt and water stains were sanded off.  Not perfect, but the wood had a nice patina.
snotty1 year ago
WooWoop! That's the sound of the Piano Police
monkeywork (author)  snotty1 year ago
I thought they'd be more like "Key"stone cops. Ready to play a tune on me...
MikB1 year ago
Great idea!

For every instructable, there is an equal and opposite instructable.

So, to maintain the balance of the universe, who's up for turning an IKEA bookcase into a functional piano, eh? :)
This looks great and kinda steam-punk if I can take liberties with that label/signifier. Love it.
action pig1 year ago
This is BRILLIANT!!! Wonderful job!
monkeywork (author)  action pig1 year ago
(blush) I wouldn't go so far as brilliant! But it does look pretty cool. Thank you!