Picture of Building a Planter
I just love plants and trees , and waking up to a  " Green " environment in general.

My house has a lot of plants allocated inside , and i thought to my self that it`s time to construct some Planter for the porch in the living-room .
So i drove to some Hanger in my city that sells woods , bought me a few and started to build .

 Enjoy !

Step 1: Shopping list

Picture of Shopping list
materials :

5.1 Meter Wood.   - cut it  with a saw to 3 pieces , each 1.70 Meter length.
Paint - choose your  favorite color
Nylon - for the inner Planter  
Hangers  X6 
Driller with different drill bits
Chain - to secure the Planter
50 kilo of ground for the plants
and Plants of course