Picture of Building a Priority Board
I made what I call a "Priority Board". I'm a big fan of to-do lists to capture tasks so I don't forget. But the only problem is that you can't reorder them without rewriting the whole list.

Whiteboards are nice, but suffer the same problem. I could use index cards or similar, but then I would be wasting materials every time I finish a task. I decided what I needed was something I could shift around easily, but that didn't use any consumables.

The Priority Board was born. Each piece is made from whiteboard material, with magnetic backing so it can stick to a magnetic surface (a filing cabinet in my case).

It's easy to reorganize the list at a moments notice when your priorities suddenly change:

Step 1: Materials and Assembly

Picture of Materials and Assembly
Stickers applied.JPG
Weighted books.JPG
I bought magnetic tape and a cheap whiteboard. Note: It's important not to get a magnetic whiteboard. I bought one of these first, and since they're only very thin metal sheet, when I tried to cut it the edges were way too sharp. (I actually cut my thumb knuckle quite badly.) The non-magnetic ones are much better for this application, since we need pieces that can be moved over and over again.

Although scissors would probably have worked, for speed I used a bandsaw to cut the pieces out. I chose 3cm high and 15cm wide for each piece.

Apply the tape to the pieces. Only a small amount of magnetic sticker is needed for the back.

The tape is still quite curved after being rolled up for so long, so I weighed all the finished pieces down with a book for a while to help the adhesive stick.
"antidote" a remedy to counteract the effects of poison. (Really... you should trust my cooking! Wanna come over for dinner?Lol)
guyfrom7up6 years ago
lol, love the antidote
foobear6 years ago
good idea!
lemonie6 years ago
I believe that air-traffic control backups work in a similar way... L
Ward_Nox6 years ago
occurs to me you can use this to make your own Colbert On Notice board